Friday, May 14, 2010

Finding your Path ... A Visualization from an ally

Notes from Mokihana

Building upon the foundation of support suggested in Kay McCarty's article "The Impact of MCS on Self-Esteem" the following guided visualization as a 'form of meditation' raises the vitality of hope here in The Canary Caravan Carnival.  Joan Tucker is an ally, a friend to me before MCS can to stay.  We have been down paths together and separately.  Through the vessel of the internet, she viewed my changed life without commentary, and then with time, her 'following' became known.  We slowly reconnected and our alliance is new today.  Joan Tucker authors two blogs where her Taurus energy finds adventure and space for her creativity.  The guided visualization here, was customized for the Canary Carnival.  Joan's career as personal and professional coach and facilitator of wonderful gatherings and workshops is gratefully offered here as a TOOL from an ALLY.  

Mahalo Joan!
Mokihana and Pete 

Finding your Path

A Visualization

Joan Tucker

Place your feet flat on floor, close your eyes, breathe

In through the nose and gently out through your mouth

Relax your shoulders, relax your legs, relax your neck

Let your arms relax..

Breathe and let your thoughts wander to a new place…( a safe space )

We are traveling to your special safe place….

Breathe and relax

Visualize yourself on a path….look ahead in your waking dream and check out what the path is made of…Rocks, sand, gold, …??? Relax and breathe gently

Start walking down the path and look to both sides of the path, take in everything that you see, the landscape, any buildings, animals, birds, …. Notice everything... remember this. Remember to notice how it smelled and what made you believe it was safe.

Keep breathing gently letting the air in through your nose and out your mouth

Continue walking slowing along the path..

Now look to your right and at the side of the path ..look closely at a big signpost with a clear message printed on it… focus on this.. what does it say.. remember the message.

Breathe and slowly keep walking…carefully paying attention to all that you see..

Look to your left ….and see alongside the path, a group of people ….they are cheering you on, ,,,,,who are these people… remember their names… Continue on…

Keep breathing slowing and moving along the path.. as it twists and turns.. taking in all that you can see and smell and hear

Reach into your pocket in the dream and take out your magic token, this very special item.. look at it carefully and remember what it is and what is means to you….

Keep walking and noticing all that is around you..

You have arrived at a life recycling bin.. you can leave something here that does not work for you anymore.. such as doubts, fears, anger, jealousy, regrets, relationships whatever you are ready to let go… put your stuff in the bin… and breathe

Remember what you put in the bin..

Keep walking and pay careful attention to the music you are hearing. Listen and pay careful attention and name the music or song. Keep walking slowly. You may be feeling clearer and stronger..

Now you have traveled quite a distance and have seen many things … look to your right and you will see another signpost… read the message.. carefully ..The message may hint of actions you should take next… remember the message..

You now have made the journey to your special place- your special dreaming spot where you can find clean air and surroundings, clarity, vision, and power… what does this place look like; who is there; what are folks doing? Think about this and enjoy being here for a few seconds…

Still relaxed and slowly breathing you are approached by a special person who greets you and asks you to commit to taking one step towards personal passion, power, and renewal.. What will you agree to? Now you are invited to sit and rest and relax knowing you have agreed to take a first step, breathe and enjoy

Jot down:

Of what was your path made?

What were the messages on your sign posts?

What was in your pocket- what was your magic token and what does it symbolize?

What did you leave in the recycling bin?

What song did you hear?

Who was cheering you on?

Describe your special place.. what was it like?

Who came to greet you?

And to what action did you commit?

Joan authors the blogs Off Center Productions and  A Wild Patience.  Learn more about her and the on-line coaching work.

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