Friday, May 14, 2010


Three wonderful submissions to our first VardoForTwo Canary Caravan Carnival for MCS Awareness Month are posted here for Friday, May 14th.  The posts were 'supposed' to be posted as scheduled using Blogger ... however, I probably didn't do it quite right or something!

Here I am at the Langley library, first on the steps waiting for the 11am opening.  The posts are there, and with a little moving things around I will make them a bit more accessible to you, dear readers.  Thanks ... hope you find something that is useful here in the Carnival Tent.



Wild Canary said...

Onipa'a kakou!
Thank you Mokihana for the Canary Caravan Carnival.
Your story, Daisy's poem and Susie's prose all contribute to my sense of belonging and feeling that there is always hope, no matter what path the MCS takes me on. My own journey has kept me tight in the palm of God's hand, though it hasn't looked that way to others many times.
Thank you for another opportunity to HOPE.
as we circle the wagons, we do become stronger.
Connie Rae on the CR

Mokihana Calizar said...

Connie Rae,

Thank you for your comment. I am slow in responding because of my access to the internet. I know how vital it is to keep God/Akua close in all these human journeys and appreciate your thoughts so much.

Yes, Onipaa kakou!