Sunday, November 23, 2008


When I started this series of posts called Dream Coming True my inspiration came from reading other people's experiences with attracting abundance into their lives. Akemi Gaines and Jenny Mannion serve as examples of people who create lives of abundance and innovation, and I refer to them often on this blog. Thanks to Akemi I was inspired to take on the challenge of posting a weekly commitment to making dreams come true in a simple yet structured fashion. Jenny Mannion created a treasure of healing resources when she envisioned and birthed the writing project "Heroes of Healing." I visit "Heroes of Healing" often to refresh my self and remember who I truly am. This morning as I prepared to write this post I listened again to the hero of healing who inspires me to recognize the subtle and powerful vibrational difference between APPRECIATION and GRATITUDE. That hero is Abraham, a messenger who speaks through Esther Hicks.

In essence, the hook (the thing that caught my attention and my heart) of difference between using the word, and the vibration of appreciation vs. gratitude came when I heard "Appreciation and love are exactly the same...when you use the word Gratitude you are often looking at a struggle you have over-come...still messing with that vibration (of struggle) a little bit." Building VARDOFORTWO is a dream I value, a rocket fueled with AHI, the fire of transformation. My choice to make lists of appreciation rather than gratitude is inspired by my desire to keep VARDOFORTWO pointed down stream ... in the flow, with the flow. It takes practice for me to appreciate rather than be grateful, 'the struggle' habit is an old one and it shows up often as I live through toxic exposures. It's okay, here I am at the keyboard and VARDOFORTWO, with me and Pete in it are pointing down stream. I'm in the vacinity of hope and can sniff the things for which I am appreciative. Go to Abraham-Esther Hicks for a dose of humor and their take on APPRECIATION.

For now, I have some dream money to spend and a list of things for which I am appreciative.

WEEK FOUR: Dream Coming True

This week I have: $800 to spend on a box full of phone cards that I give away

  1. to friends here in the Pacific Northwest who can't afford to call me because I have an (808) phone number

  2. annonymously at the Salvadorean bakery to folks who need to call home

  3. at the homeless shelter just because


1. I appreciate smiles from people I don't know.

2. I appreciate libraries.

3. I appreciate the smell of hot apple cider.

4. I appreciate soaking in the tub.

5. I appreciate generous listening.

6. I appreciate the sound of the shore rocks tumbling in the tide.

7. I appreciate the feel of my comfy robe.

8. I appreciate clean, warm sheets.

9. I appreciate a comforting doll.

10. I appreciate Pete.


Akemi Gaines said...

Hi Mokihana,
Great idea to give out phone cards! I appreciate your warm generous heart.


VardoForTwo said...

Mahalo Akemi. Being able to reach out when you need to is a gift worth dreaming up.

Jenny Mannion said...

Thank you so much for mentioning me Mokihana! Phone cards are a wonderful idea! :-) I wish you all the best for this holiday season!
Love, xoxox

VardoForTwo said...

Hello Jenny. You are part of my inspiration gaggle and it's a pleasure to share your work with our visitors at VARDOFORTWO. Yes, phone calls are important. Be well and a happy season to you, too. Aloha, Mokihana