Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Morning Sun

I awake each morning early enough to greet the sun rise. The sliding glass door of our converted kitchenette faces east allowing for a quick assessment of what the day may bring, sunny day or cloudy day. I honor the sun for the light of the day and worship it for the warmth it brings to my life. For my whole life I have soaked up the heat of the sun thinking it may be possible to store it up for future use only to repeat the process each new day. Obsessive by choice.

I like to measure this time of year with the coming of the winter solstice. Knowing that sunny days will be growing longer once again, gives me hope that the transition from Hawaii to the NW be will one of joy and warm days. Our present life in the kitchenette is good practice for our future life in the Vardo. We do all of the cooking outside on the hotplate and toaster oven. Our access to the bathroom includes a brisk walk outside. In Hawaii we had a wooden furo, like a hot tub, for outside soaking and we will either build one or find a tub and get creative filling it with hot water. Moving back in the spring did help to acclimate by the time winter arrived, however one of the most used pronouncements everyday has been “It’s cold out there”, more of an acknowledgement than being judgmental about it.

For all the doubts and fears I had about adjusting to a colder climate again, having some warm sunny days has renewed my faith in sharing a portion of my indoor life with the outside life, a necessary part of Vardo living.

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