Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dream Coming True

"I appreciate long walks ... Lincoln Park, Wa."
Photo Credit: Pete Little

It's the 1st of November and my birthday month. One of my longtime habits has been to reflect and inventory the progress of my journey round the sun. When the journey was as intense as has been described in SamandSally, survival was the major touchstone. The Old Gods did not dessert us, and have led us to White Center where we transform yet again. I know that the struggle we experienced were real and I know we are here today ... alive and growing.

One of my LIFESAVERS and SAFETY NETS is Akemi Gaines Akashi Record Reader and author of the blog Yes-to-me. Akemi's services are changing my life. I found a post on her blog today that is just the project that I need to add to VardoForTwo. It's an abundance attracting DreamMoneyProject that is based on the Law of Attraction among other spiritual believes. I have practiced this in smaller ways in years past but have very little memory of its affects ... so perhaps a LOT MORE PRACTICE, and an attitude of joy and play will make a difference. Akemi suggested I pray more, so I'm jumping in:

Here is the beginning of my Dream Coming True Project.
Step 1 Start with $100
(I'm putting a real $100 into my treasure chest)

Step 2 Once a week starting today I am spending my dream money on things that make my heart happy. These are creative things big and small, growing and abundant.

Each week the Dream Money multiples along with a "10 things for which I am Appreciative." This list is a conscious list of 'appreciation' which I learned to distinquish between a list of 'gratitude' after listening to a video of The Hicks on Jenny Mannion's Heroes of Healing Writing Project .

Step 3 Each week I make a "Dream Coming True" post my $ doubles.

This is a wonderful way to expand my story with abundance as we build VardoForTwo as a space and a place of hope, innovation and appreciation. Health and wealth are not separate worlds, and are in fact the same world or two facets of the same beautiful crystal. This is also a great way for me to practice the healing/changing old habits by focusing on growing a dream of worth and wealth.

Step 4: I write a clear and positive statement of my dream spending, along with a list of things for which I am appreciative.

This week I spend my $100 dream money on: beautiful real silver earrings, hand-tooled by a wonderful artist from the Pacific Northwest.

This week my list of "10 things for which I am appreciative" are:

1. I appreciate our wonderful Soaring Heart natural bed.

2. I appreciate the warmth of the infrared heater in our kitchenette.

3. I appreciate Joel, our friend and owner of this house.

4. I appreciate Pete, my dear husband, dear friend.

5. I appreciate "Scout" my Subaru.

6. I appreciate the internet.

7. I appreciate hot showers.

8. I appreciate warm toast.

9. I appreciate great nights of sleep.

10. I appreciate long walks.

A hui hou, Mokihana


Mokihana Calizar said...

Hello everyone,
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Mokihana Calizar said...

It's a week later, and when I started this Dream Coming True Project, envisioning the beautiful silver earrings ... I didn't see the exact shape of them. Now I do. They are silver discs, the shape of a MAHEALANI (FULL MOON). Attraction comes by becoming clearer and clearer. I see them, and I see them on my Buddha-big ear lobes. (smiling appreciatively!)