Monday, November 24, 2008

We've come a long way, baby

Good morning. Sunshine's casting shadows through the glass door in the kitchenette, the heater warms this cozy nook of a home and as I peck away on the keys an Alaska Airlines jet, and yet another one flies past from left to right. I'm not in Kailua any more aunty. No, we've come a long way baby.

We got a wonderful email this morning from Carol one of the dozen or so folks who was part of Jay Shafer's first Tiny Home Workshops. She'd just learned about VARDOFORTWO, and spent a little time visiting the blog. The joy she gets from seeing the curved roof of our tiny home in the making connects me to those days at Ocean Song, the retreat center where we dared to believe and conceive of something wonderful. We were in the company of others who came with a spark of something bigger than themselves; inspiration, curiosity, adventure...

That picture above is one of the only photos I took during the months of living in the Subaru. From the warmth of the kitchenette I peek through that window, smile at the peace sticker our friend Nancy designed, and see the reflection of the tall tree--the one in the Kailua library parking lot? Maybe, we can't really remember. What does come to me without thinking is not so much the details of that part of the journey. What does come to me is the sense of knowing how far along we have come.

Creating and sharing VARDOFORTWO was a watery vision when we set up the Subaru for sleeping each night, and yet it was the beginning of something that has taken on shape, form and focus. Thanks for visiting and being part of this journey. There is more to come and we intent to make today a great day.


Carol said...

This thing of connectedness IS important. We gain insight as we observe and participate in each other's journeys; it keeps us accountable to each other; it allows us to be reminded of what we learned and experienced together so we can grow from there, rather than lose ground. We need each other.

Your essentials lists took me back to my notes from Ocean's Song. My essentials list has changed more than I expected in the past year. I think the experience of living in your Subaru served you well in preparing you for this new life.

VardoForTwo said...

Dear Carol, Thank you. Mokihana