Thursday, November 13, 2008



Kolea aku, kolea mai

Golden Plover

Golden Plover goes away

Golden Plover comes (back)

These simple and familiar to Island listeners lyric is poetry from a beautiful Hawaiian mele.

The Kolea is one of Earth's long distance travelers, a migrator who spends spring and summer in the tundra of Alaska nesting and making babies but journeys south in November to feed and feast on Hawaiian island bugs and worms.

Scientists have documented Kolea's cross-Pacific migration to be a history of ions. Island story remembers Kolea as a member of family.

'This guy was at lunch.'
That was the message I got from my son attached were three pictures of this recent long-distant traveler, fresh from his nearly 3,000 mile, non-stop flight from the tundra.

Kolea are our totem animal, perhaps to my Hawaiian spirit he is my adopted 'aumakua a guardian to the nature of me that loves and needs to venture.

Life is full of adventure. Challenges? Sure there are plenty.

Where does the courage and compass to fly such distances live?

Instinct. Stardust.
We would love to hear where you find courage, and the compass to live your life?

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