Friday, January 23, 2009


It's been almost three months since I began writing my weekly DREAM COMING TRUE posts. So much has happened in three months, and as part of my intention to give VARDOFORTWO a 'new look' I thought it a good idea to review the purpose and process of my abundance attracting weekly ritual. The inspiration to do Dream Coming True came from Akemi Gaines, a friend and fellow blogger who has influenced me in positive ways. Similar to the practices of visualization and VISION BOARDS, tools to focus a person's attention on specifics, Dream Coming True was a way for me to grow a dream of building a new life through this blog, and in VARDFORTWO the tiny mobile home.

Once a week for 11 weeks I wrote a post which included 4 STEPS:

1. I STARTED WITH THE SYMBOL OF ABUNDANCE: $100. This was (and still is) in my treasure box. The idea was to use this symbol to attract more abundance. Abundance could be in the form of money, or other forms of wealth. That is where I may need to become more clear.

Just what are the forms of wealth that matter to me? I will use this post to focus on the answer to that question.

2. EACH WEEK I decided and clearly envisioned, and then described how I would spend my Dream Money. If my money was to be spent on an item or object, I described this item as clearly as possible.

Each week I posted, the previous week's DREAM MONEY DOUBLED. Here on the blog, my weekly dream money increased until I had $102,400 in dream money to spend. By this time my focus was changing I sensed that my heart-felt goal was not just to have more money. I was seeing that I changed from spending money on things for me, ie. beautiful moon shaped earrings (which I have) to spending this money on things we NEEDED for the vardo, or on ideas for collaborating with others. I was also finding that I wanted to save part of this dream money. As the reality of a changing economy became more and more a public reality, I felt the need to include SAVING as part of my Dream Coming True Ritual.

In the past week one of our friends who lives with MCS and is very interested in our journey with VARDFORTWO asked, "I see that this money you are stashing is growing every week. Do you have backers who do this? We need to talk about how you're doing this." She envisions creating an MCS community of safe homes. THERE! The difference between DREAM money and REAL money was not clear to her ... she simply saw the money growing and was following the abundance. AMAZING ISN'T IT? The truth is that original $100 of perfume-stinky twenty dollar bills is right where I put it. Have I failed to grow money-abundance? Let me continue with this story ... it has a life of its own and I'm curious to see where it ends.

The abundance I get from my friend's question and growing curiosity about how that 'money' was backed is in the fact that she sees us as real change agents. With or without the DREAM COMING TRUE MONEY, I see the potential to create and organize communities using the abundance of believing in something big and good. The process of collective energy is the wealth. Pete and I have gotten this far in our journey to creating a transforming life with real money that was earned and invested in years past. We have been on the move for a decade and earning a wage through full-time employment hasn't happened for a long time. We have no debt, live simply, and realize our future depends upon the relationships we create today. MCS offers minute to minute challenges that defy understanding by most of the culture. How we attract the experiences and people to co-create income/abundance/resources is by slowly and regularly making progress IN THE DIRECTION OF THE DREAM. Here on VARDFORTWO, the wall between truth and imagination glazes like heat waves in the desert. What is a mirage today could be a vardo encampment tomorrow.

3. This third part of the DREAM COMING TRUE WEEKLY Ritual is probably my favorite, and maybe most important piece. Every week I make a list of 10 people/things/experiences/etc. for which I am appreciative. It's a list of things I love, and is distinctly different from a list of gratitude. Each time I wrote my APPRECIATION LIST I consciously recalled the reason I decide to APPRECIATE rather than be GRATEFUL. When I appreciate, I am living with the energy of being in love with, being in the field of love. I have no fear that this person/thing/experience may not be there next week ... that would be gratitude, tinkering with the energy of remembering when there was lack. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for many things ... and use the G word often enough in a given day. It's this once a week ritual of writing an APPRECIATION that exercises my attention to be in love with the world I have NOW. Listing and giving thanks to the people, places, sounds, experiences that fill me abundantly says to the Universe ... give me more, bring it now, I AM IN LOVE WITH ALL OF THIS.

4. DOING IT. Writing this weekly post 'DREAM COMING TRUE'. See, this ritual has given me a time and space to practice a weekly committment to identify, name and put done in writing the changes that make me more attractive to the future I dream. This blog gives me a way to do this ritual of abundance attraction differently than I have done it before. Writing on paper, cutting and pasting pictures from magazines are a no-go for me. My sensitivities direct me to other methods ... and so there you are. What are the forms of wealth that matter to me? Money is a means to freedom, someone said that and that is true. And then there is collective freedom and that requires something that looks more like learning, sharing, and loaning. Less surplus, more creativity.


THIS WEEK I HAVE $204,800 of DREAM MONEY which I invite our readers to spend on collective, collaborative, community projects. HOW WOULD YOU SPEND THIS MONEY TO CREATE COLLECTIVE FREEDOM? Leave your ideas in the comments.


1. I appreciate time to grieve.

2. I appreciate the sound of waves lapping.

3. I appreciate the sound of whale song.

4. I appreciate moments of silence.

5. I appreciate forgiveness.

6. I appreciate deep sleep.

7. I appreciate clarity.

8. I appreciate the taste of grape juice.

9. I appreciate the chants of the Benedictine monks.

10. I appreciate Pete.


Anonymous said...

I so much appreicate your eloquence in the way you express yourself on this journey.
Thank you,

Mokihana Calizar said...

Ruth, Thank you for the kind words. Mokihana

Mokihana Calizar said...

I had a wonderful conversation with a friend who also lives with MCS. We shared our challenges and began talking about how these weekly DREAM COMING TRUE posts 'work.' Many of us with MCS think about and the possibilities for safe housing, looking for ways to work within the financial and housing systems. My friend has spent many hours researching ideas only to run into "brick walls." I know the feeling ... it hurts.

What I do here on DREAM COMING TRUE is to imagine and act in small and regular intervals toward a reality of my world that goes around, or maybe includes a brick from the wall. There are new solutions to old problems, we just need to believe they are in the making.

I loved the conversation, and appreciate the energy we shared. Thank you friend, Mokihana