Saturday, January 10, 2009


Every Noon on Saturday in Seattle, there's the 'Hawaiian Island Connection" KBCS FM ... Hawaiian music! Through the flannel and Denny Foil wall of The Kitchenette the music transports me. Na Leo sings "NorthShore" and I am there...'my oh me, oh, take me to the north shore ... yah, why don't we go ......

Pete's in the vardo beginning to frame up the wheel wells. Our dream of a safe and mobile home continues. When I began these weekly DREAM COMING TRUE posts I put a real $ 100 dollars into a treasure chest. It sits there still, part of my committment to attract the abundance we wish to grow a life of transformation and AHI. (Appreciation, Hope, Innovation).

This 11th week of Dream Coming True I have: $102,400. This is a lot of money! Here's how I spend and save this dream money:

1. I tithe 10% of this money (that would be $10,240) to individuals and groups who encourage and support entrepreneurialship in Hawaii and Continental North America. This week I'm spending time researching people and groups who are doing things like KIVA in America and Hawaii. I think the programs like KIVA are a great thing. We need to be supporting our neighbors and, our friends and neighbors.

2. That leaves me $92,160 that I spend and save in equal share.

3. I save $46,080 in a VILLAGE AND SAVINGS IN LOAN Program we are learning to develop.

4. I spend $46, 080 on VARDOFORTWO Model #2!!

The 10 Things I appreciate this week are:

1. I appreciate kinolau...divine messages.

2. I appreciate coconut ... milk, oil, 'ice cream', soap

3. I appreciate the smell of the air after a storm.

4. I appreciate cuddling.

5. I appreciate the sound of a manual typewriter.

6. I appreciate the sound of Aunty Genoa Keawe's voice.

7. I appreciate forgiveness.

8. I appreciate new beginnings.

9. I appreciate a hot shower.

10. I appreciate Pete.


Jeanne said...


I posted the badge for the '350 challenge' on my blog after seeing it here! I also am writing up a note for signing the petition to President-Elect Obama regarding MCS issues... :)

Can you please educate me? What is this Denny foil I keep hearing about?? (I have MCS).

Thank you!!

Jeanne :)

P.S. My "follow function" is still giving my readers trouble. How about you? Is anyone telling you it's not working? I had finally gotten it to show me as your follower a couple of weeks ago but I was just curious if you've had any complaints from readers. I think I'm going to ditch mine! Too many people are reporting trouble with not even getting the pop-up window to "follow" my blog. I had uninstalled & reinstalled it but it's still not right! I think it's a Blogger bug. :)

Mokihana Calizar said...


I found the '350 challenge' badge on Leslie's The Oko Box Blog. And, signing the petition on pesticide issues is a real solution action. Glad to hear that.

RE. DENNY FOIL: Denny Foil is a heavy duty aluminum foil sheet. It's actually two sheets of aluminum covering an inner layer of craftpaper. Denny Foil comes in a roll and we use it all over the place. It has no odor and as you read here on this blog, it's our wall, covers old cabinetry and seals off the wooden slats (poplar) that make up our futon frame.

Google Denny Foil and you'll see E.I. FOUST, that's where we buy it.

The "follow function" hasn't show faces since the very first week of our blog. Bug? Probably. Lot of luck.