Tuesday, January 27, 2009

BUILDING THE VARDO: One more time ... the roof

Pete, I think, could have been a mail man, or a pony express rider! Snow, hail or rain it don't stop my man. WHAT IS HE DOING? Ah, this man is walking his new roof template to our home in the making.

The search for a new roof is a journey of a (nearly) thousand steps. Pete has rebuilt a template for the new roofers to view as they prepare new bids.

Leslie Lawrence has given us a great lead to a product called GRACE ULTRA a rubber like weatherized underlayment that will go over the plywood dome cap, and provide a moisture barrier between the metal roof (of a material yet to be determined). I have tested the GRACE ULTRA and I do okay with it.

It's still very much winter, waking to WEHAVESNOWONTHEGROUND! A dusting of it, with temperatures in the high twenties.

Hope you are cozy and well where ever you be. A hui hou, Mokihana and Pete

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