Friday, January 9, 2009

BUILDING THE VARDO: Timing is divine

Late in the afternoon yesterday, just before all sun light slipped from the sky, after all my volcanic churning had been directed into actions. I stepped from the Kitchenette to thank Pete for the work he had been doing on the wheel wells. From the glass door I saw the rainbow you can see here. It was a full unbroken rainbow "Ke Anuenue" in Hawaiian, a kinolau (earthly embodiment) of the god Kane (the one we thank for fresh water/rain, among many things.) It stretched across the broad expanse of sky north to south.

TODAY ... JUST a few minutes ago, my cellphone rang. I screen my calls when I'm writing. It was Pete. I picked it up. Pete had just left for a visit to see Nick, our copper roof maker. It has been months in the waiting, our beautiful copper roof. "The building is gone. The whole thing is burnt to the must have been an incredibly hot fire." Nick's metal shop is gone. No one was hurt. Thank you Akua. This was the place we were going to make our 'first drive stop' with VARDOFORTWO. That drive didn't happen. Kane and the gods of ALL THAT IS were giving us signs. The message: TIMING IS DIVINE.

Mahalo, mahalo, mahalo,
Mokihana and Pete


Jeanne said...


The rainbow is beautiful and I'm glad no one was hurt!!


Mokihana and Pete said...

Jeanne, Yes the rainbow is beautiful, and we are also happy no one was hurt in the fire. Pete's off to find alternatives to building the roof this morning.

Rainbows to you, Mokihana

Anonymous said...

Dear Mokihana and Pete,
Timing is everything and indeed divine for the Vardo. I am so glad to hear Gods, karma, and luck were all on your side.

My heart goes out to Nick and I am glad nobody was hurt.

May we all be well, safe, and happy,