Monday, January 19, 2009

POST 101: A new look


VARDOFORTWO has a new look. A 'minima' look (it's the name of the template I've chosen) to begin post # 101. When we lived in homes with foundations attached to the earth I was a room changer ... that is I'd shift the furniture, pictures, do-dads around. Pete never knew what he'd find when we came home from work at night. I've loved doing that in my past lives, and now life is a little different. So, I thought a change on the blog could substitute. Hope you like it.

My internet fast and recouperating time has been good. I am feeling less jittery, a bit more restored, and there are things I can do a little differently as I move forward with life and the world of blogging. I began blogging with usual zeal and determination, the sort that has been characteristic of my decisions throughout my life, and before I knew it I had written more than 100 posts (on three blogs) in less than four months. Like my fav astrology said today on her blog, 'it's the way I comb my hair' and what would you judge the way a gal combs her hair? What I did discover as I combed my hair during my internet fast and recoup time is ... some topics fry my wiring, not because they're BAD, rather they fry my wiring because it sends my anger-and-outrage meters over the top. And, for a gal already living with a system over the top from x,y,z,a,b,c and d ... at sixty-one years in this body, I need to part my hair on the other side for awhile.

Being an activist is righteous work, and necessary to the balance of things. I have done more than my share of it. For now, I need to let some issues and battles be fought by others. Pete and I have so much on our plate, and in our soup bowls already. Finishing VARDOFORTWO as a safe and liveable home is a big job. So, as as I write Post #101 with a new look to the blog, I practice a bit of the Zen Habit (thanks for the reminder Leslie) and simplify my focus here on VARDOFORTWO. I need to stay away from the "P" word ... I'll not even write the word out. I know there are capable sisters and brothers out in the blogsphere who are communicating the issues that affect EARTH and ALL THAT IS, and they are raising A GRAND STINK ABOUT IT I GOTTA TELL YA! Thank you all for your work and your energy. The shift for me may be subtle or dramatic, I am not quite sure how it will play out. You decide for yourself as VARDOFORTWO the blog evolves. I will listen with my whole self and see how I hear.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities manifests in each of us in different ways, and in as many different ways, we are activated to be a model for change. I recently asked a sister blogger and MCSer how activitists sustain for the long haul ... activitists for any number of reasons ... I think we came away with no answers. Perhaps the answers will come as I continue my journey to be at peace with my nature, and my journey. It's nice to be back.

Mahalo, Mokihana


Susie Collins said...

Oooooo, I love the new look! Love the background color. It's also nice having you back, renewed.

I, too, have backed off some my community activism this year, passed the torched to others to fight on the front lines. My mind still clings a bit, but my heart and passion are engaging elsewhere in good work that does not compromise my health so much.

Mokihana and Pete said...

Susie, Glad you like the new look. I'm easing back, and being gentler with the surf for a while. Take care, Mokihana

linda said...

I like the new look too
: )

I felt many old memories return, of re-arranging furniture, art and life energy when you wrote of your past activities.

Good to have you back and with a new do!

Mokihana and Pete said...

Hello, Linda, So nice to be with you again. Funny how our life is changed by illness and new friendships develop in unexpectedly different ways. Kinship with the old life as room movers is a nice thing. A dear old friend and I talked about just such a kinship yesterday ... and now I learn you are among our tribe. Thanks Linda, Mokihana