Monday, January 12, 2009


Yesterday was a tough one. When I do not sleep, my body, mind and spirit lose all touch with the good. Instead of being at the keys I was in Scout. Thank the gods the green Subaru remains a safe place. The Kitchenette became compromised over the weekend. Those living with MCS know, at least this is my experience, that tiny things add up and then my ability to tolerate an environment flies out my toes. The short version of this story is the weeks of snow and adjustments to the winter distracted us from the things we know need to be done to keep The Kitchenette a safe zone:

Things like:

1. Keeping all reading and writing materials out.
2. Washing the sheet wall, curtains and rugs at least once a week.
3. Wet dusting and mopping (we use a diluted solution of GSE or just plain water) every few days.
4. Washing the bedding ... maybe more often.
5. CHECKING THE DENNY FOIL walls and coverings to be sure there are no leaks.

All of the thing above needed to be done. By the time we took action yesterday morning, I was very weak. I knew I needed to get out and get to the ocean for fresh air. This meant Pete would be doing all the clean up, again. This illness is difficult. The down times like these are, for me, a long tunnel I get through with prayers and time. And then there is Pete who does the things I cannot. It took three hours to clean, wash, and clear the tiny Kitchenette. I spent the time in Scout meditating under layers of coat and blankets and now I'm back.

It takes me a while to re-balance. What didn't create a reaction for me does now. Fewer fabrics 'work' for bedding ... so it's a process of elimination. The old, old sheet and blankets seem to be working/the newer organic bedding sets me off at least for now. It's a tricky life sometimes and I am no magician. For now though I appreciate having a good night of sleep. That's a big part of the magic!

Hope you're having a magic filled day, Mokihana

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Anonymous said...

I didn't do my blog rounds for a few days and now I learn you are having a hard week. Poor dear. MCS is so unpredictable, you never know what is going to whack you upside the head and start a crash. I'm glad you have the ocean there to fill your lungs with fresh air. I know you will find your balance again, find the safe fabrics and clothing and space, and reject the rest. And I totally get it about the importance of good night's sleep! There is always another day coming, full of options!