Tuesday, January 13, 2009

BUILDING THE VARDO: Calling for a new roofer etc.

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If you've been following VARDOFORTWO you know that Nick the roofer Pete was working with suffered a set-back last week. His shop burned to the ground. Pete spoke with Nick yesterday and learned it was the roofing business attached to his that was the source of ignition. Lots of flammables over there. So Nick and his family have a lot to re-consider, and it sounds like they will be re-building the shop. He sounds like a fine fellow, Nick does, I never met him. He recommended other metal workers, and asked Pete to promise he'd come by when VARDOFORTWO with roof in place was complete.

In the mean-time Pete is shopping around again finding copper sheet prices, getting roof plans re-drawn (originals went up in the fire), and talking to metal workers including his brother, Bill whose a welder on Maui.


We have samples of the Latitude wool insulation. I'm not sure of my reactivity to it ... at this time my body is reacting to a lot of things I was 'okay' with. This is the condition that makes MCS such a tricky illness. Re-setting my internal sensory network is tender work and takes patience. Costs are becoming more an issue as this project progresses. This insulation would cost about $450 including shipping ... lots to weigh out. One day at a time.

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ck said...

Hi Mokihana,
We will keep open to new ideas and people to help with your roof and co-create with you and Pete on your vardo endeavor.

I love the rainbow photos you posted the other day. It must have been a magnificent feeling to see this surprise.

Some friends of ours gave us their car to use while they are in Germany. Since it has been in parking for a while, it smells moldy. I'm wondering if your baking soda method would work on mold or if you have other advice to share. The seats are made of fabric.

Much Mahalo for your wisdom-