Monday, January 5, 2009

DREAM COMING TRUE WEEK 10: Reviewing the process

The making of New Land ... photo credit Chris Kawika Brown

This week's Dream Coming True post is later than usual because Saturday, when I would normally write this, was an `Ole Day. This week is the tenth week of posting, and I have been thinking about how this weekly practice has served us in making the dream of VARDOFORTWO a reality. When I wrote the first Dream Coming True post it was done with these things in mind:

Once a week I created a post that did 3 things (They are listed below). As I review the process of Dream Coming True posts, I see what's happened and am making a few changes to the process. (They are written in purple italics).

1. I state in clear and positive language my intention to spend DREAM MONEY on something that makes my heart happy. My intention will be as clear and specific as possible. Every week I do a DREAM COMING TRUE post my original $100 doubles.

Last week I made a subtle and powerful decision to change the word 'spend' to 'save' in my clear and positive intention.

2. Each week I make a list of "10 things I appreciate". Things, people, gifts all count here. This "appreciation list" is not so different from "gratitude lists" ... although there is a subtle and powerful difference that I am testing out.

I enjoy the feeling I get when I use the word 'appreciate'. I am conscious of the choice I make to say, "I appreciate," rather than "I am grateful," ... and yet I see how uncommon it is to hear appreciation. The test continues as Pete and I say or write our appreciations. It's a small differences that puts us into the flow of abundance and energy with less temptation to tinker with the feelings of relief associated with being grateful for NO LONGER BEING in the 'old/bad/worse state'.

3. Each week I take the time to write this post I am committing to action, and doing more than 'thinking' about how I'd spend my abundance.

Regular posts like this is a commitment to act on intention. I will continue to write them. People have commented or sent us email asking "How we are going to spend the abundance ($) we seem to be gathering." That is a very good question.

Here are two ways we hope to actualize our dreams, and grow our love for the people/things/ideas/projects described here at VARDOFORTWO:

1. Creating a forum of some kind to discuss the creation of MCS-based safe home community. Let us know if you're interested in being part of this discussion.

2. Creating a forum (maybe part of the one above, maybe separate) to form a Community-Based Savings and Loan program, or Savings Circle that is more like the tribal, small village model of resource building and loaning than the money system of the mortgage and the stock market today. These are big dreams that can be made real with hard work and a commitment to solutions made in balance with ALL THAT IS. We have ordered a book called VILLAGE SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATIONS. It is a practical guide to the creation of a village model of savings and loans. After we have it in hand (and it's aired out enough for me to be near it) Pete and I will read and study its application to our vision. If you are interested in learning more, or want to get involved please email us.


This week I have $51,200 which I choose to spend and save in equal parts. I spend $25,600 buying the materials and services we need to build VARDOFORTWO. I save $25,600 to create forums to develop MCS-based safe home community and a village-based savings and loan program.

This week the 10 thing I appreciate are:

1. I appreciate my belief in the goodness of humanity.

2. I appreciate my personal spiritual practice.

3. I appreciate the versatility of the internet.

4. I appreciate dancing.

5. I appreciate the change in seasons.

6. I appreciate clean water.

7. I appreciate restful sleep.

8. I appreciate my cotton and carbon filter mask.

9. I appreciate "The Blue Danube" by Strauss.

10. I appreciate Pete.

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