Thursday, January 15, 2009

'OLE DAYS ... Thurs, Friday, Saturday

I especially need these re-view and re-new days. As on all 'ole days I will not post anything new here at VARDOFORTWO or on our other blogs. I may need more time to recharge even further ... one day at a time, re-connecting with CENTER. See you when I'm able.

Take good care, malama pono kakou,


p.s. THIS IS OUR 100TH POSTon VARDOFORTWO. I notice how other bloggers often view their 100th post as a landmark, an event to recognize and celebrate. Thanks to all of you who've come to check us out, comment, wala`au. YIPPEE!!! It's certainly an amazing process, blogging is. Like everything, in balance, it works toward good.


Susie Collins said...

Rest well, dear Mokihana. Take as long as you need. We will still be here when you are ready to re-emerge. Know we love and support you. {{Aloha Hugs}} Susie

Anna's Spot said...

Congratulations on your 100th post.
Best wishes for the next 100th post

Allan Goldstein, LMT said...

Congratulations Mokihana. You have been inspirational. You never know how you are going to touch someone. May you touch us with another 100... and more.

Mokihana and Pete said...

Susie, Thank you I have been resting, deeply at times and with many dreams to comfort and inform me. Thank you for your message of aloha and support. I will re-emerge, differently I think, Aloha, Mokihana

Anna and Allan, Thank you both for your congratulatory messages. Allan, thanks for your message that I have been inspirational, and yes, I never know how I am going to touch someone.