Friday, January 30, 2009


It's a girl! I feel born again, fresh and positive. Last week's Dream Coming True post was a long one. Today's is a short one.

THIS WEEK I HAVE $409,600 of DREAM MONEY which I invite our readers to spend on collective, collaborative, community projects.

Here are a few ways I'd spend and save A PORTION OF THAT DREAM MONEY:

1. Tithe 10%: $40,980 on supporting people I know personally who could use an interest free loan. Remaining $: $369,000

2. Save 10% of the reminder: $36,900 in a Saving Circle Model of Community Building
Remaining $: $332,100

3. WHAT COLLABORATIVE COMMUNITY PROJECTS would you like to create with the remaining $332,100 of DREAM COMING TRUE MONEY?


1. I appreciate transformation.

2. I appreciate prayer.

3. I appreciate Jane Austin.

4. I appreciate love.

5. I appreciate hot showers.

6. I appreciate Hawaiian music.

7. I appreciate laughter.

8. I appreciate new beginnings.

9. I appreciate sweet dreams.

10. I appreciate Pete.

Have you tried a weekly dream coming true commitment? How's it for you?

'OLE DAYS BEGIN TOMORROW, SATURDAY and last for FOUR DAYS ... a great time for reflection and review of the things, beliefs, projects that you have already begun; not the greatest time for new projects and 'big decisions.' As per the practice, we'll be back after 'OLE DAYS.

A hui hou, take care. Mokihana and Pete


Anonymous said...

I would fund the Hamakua Community Development Plan. It costs $300,000. Every other district on our island has been funded by the county to develop a grass-roots plan except us.

I need four 'ole days so bad.

I LOVE your list this week. Jane Austin? What are you reading?


Mokihana and Pete said...


Well there you go ... from the Dream Money Bucket there is plenty to fund the Hamakua Community Development Plan, so it is, so it is. Let that be so in divine time (smiles) And, so too do you have your 'ole days, tita.

Jane Austin is one of our favorite MOVIE picks ... we have seen all her novels: Northanger Abbey this week. I love the fantasy life Kathy has in this Austin.

Hugs to you on the Hamakua coast. I love YOU,

Anonymous said...

I've seen all the movies too! I'm a huge fan.

My boss is going on an extended trip-- I may be able to get those four days... but what do do with Canary? I'm obsessed.

Hugs to you on the Washington Coast. I love YOU, too! {{Aloha hugs}} xoxo

Mokihana and Pete said...

Susie, We watched a newer version of Pride and Prejudice yesterday, and had so much fun with it AGAIN. Without reading material our world begins different, those characters and their dialogue become the voices of our friends. I love the dialogue!

I get it about 'what to do with Canary when the `ole days are here ... ho`omanawanui, tita. Aloha, Mokihana

Ruth R. said...

Hi Mokihana,
I love your dream money idea....I would love to hire a 'Green' builder and put up a wonderful building in my community with 20 or 30 safe units for people with MCS, after inviting people from all over the world to come to Wisconsin to live in would be wonderful...I could be the "house mother!" ha ha Just kidding....we are all our own "house mothers!" Love your blog!

Mokihana and Pete said...

Ruth, This is PERFECT. It's exactly the spirit of dreaming the dream and giving it a PUBLIC VIEW!! And, if you would like that job, I mean really LOVE IT, it can be yours! Yippeee. Mokihana

Anonymous said...

When I went to bed right after posting my comment to you, I discovered Sense and Sensibility (2008) on PBS! I'd never seen that adaptation. The costumes were esp beautiful. Jane Austen rules!

Mokihana and Pete said...

Ah, ha to Jane Austen. This is so fun (he,he,he)...