Monday, August 30, 2010

This blog of ours has served its purpose I think. It feels like time to move from it and make changes that refresh our lives. Posts have slowed down for all number of reasons ... and perhaps most of all, this blog has filled with the seasons of crisises and awareness. We will keep Vardo For Two here as it is with all our discoveries, healing moments and makings of a tiny home built to be safe for us as we learn about MULTIPLE CHEMICAL SENSITIVITIES. In the future, a new blog may grow. What? I am not yet sure of that.

There's a lot to discover if you are new to the journey of discovery with environment illness and new choices and new values. Hope there is something to enrich, comfort and support you when you need it.

Much Aloha, Mokihana and Pete


Liberty said...

Dear Mokihana and Pete,
I am wishing you many refreshing changes in your lives!
I have enjoyed this blog and am glad you will be leaving it up for others to find over the years :)

many blessings to you on your journey forward

Mokihana and Pete said...

Thanks Libby!

Blessings your way, and thanks for sharing the journey it's a doozy.

Mokihana and Pete

Jean-Jacques said...

Dear Mokihana and Pete,

It was a pleasure to visit Vardo for Two from time to time and I too am glad that we will be able to return here to reread your thoughts and experiences. I too have not blogged for a long time, since my travelling has been on hold for over 3 years now... These are the cycles of life I guess - everything has value and there is a time for everything. Wishing you all the very best with the new chapter in your lives.

One Love, Peace and Respect, Jean-Jacques

Mokihana and Pete said...

Thank you. Yes,there are cycles to life, and sharing our experiences has nourished us. We continue to tread the path and wish you too the same love,peace respect.
Mokihana and Pete