Tuesday, July 27, 2010


More than enough real life is happening here in the forrest.  My need to get to the blog to describe it is ebbing.  Summer seems to be filling me with acceptance for the life that is mine.  The clotheslines are filled with routine washings, a tub full of pillow cases and night clothes is soaking in fresh water as I plunk away at the keys here.  We have a kitchen table inside our outdoor kitchen ... the first table we've had in years.  It's a treasure we've not had place to put.  How fine an experience it is to sit at it with tea and tablet.

Our routines are hard work, or time-consuming.  When I am able to keep it simple and let what I am doing be good enough, the work is exactly right.  The awarenesses are many, and calming the urge to fix the discomfort of some of those awarenesses just make the work difficult, and conflicted.  Without blogging as often, I live the awareness and am faced with choice:  fix it too soon and I have to sit with the premature mend and start again.  It's a journey, a process.  I meet my impatience and my irritation and finally wear out my control-button to the point of acceptance. 

My ankle break is wrapped in an ACE bandage that has been soaking to de-stink it from microbial doo-daa junk for weeks.  I can use it now with some precaution.  I wrap and ice the ankle to keep the injury calmed, keep it as stable as I can and then accept ... it's as good as I can do for now. 

The VardoForTwo is a gem.  We live from it and it continues to teach me lessons small and grand.  Change takes time, it is hard work and today I accept that.


Liberty said...

I loved this sentence you wrote Mokihana!

"When I am able to keep it simple and let what I am doing be good enough, the work is exactly right. "

this is so wise.

I am so happy for you for your table!
an I hope your ankle heals soon.

thinking of you even though I haven't commented in a while
sending light and blessings and optional hugs!

Mokihana and Pete said...

Hi Liberty,
So nice to hear from you. The healing is taking place all in divine time. I think of you often so your comment is such a treat! Many thanks and love back at you.