Friday, July 9, 2010

Munching on the day

The library is filled with young voices, the corner just beyond my right eye entertains a gaggle of pre-schoolers dressed in summer garb and the excitement of fresh life.  In a lifetime so long ago, these young sprouts were my world and my first experience with life as a teacher.  Life continues to teach and teach and teach.

Pete is off island for the day, back in Everett creating a new look to the small patch of lawn where once we parked the VardoForTwo.  Today he will lay in some sod to make a comfy place for feet and paws.  The summer sun will make his work the sort he enjoys, those old muscles fill with energy-memory of how to do those tasks.  I have been to the beach for a morning walk at low-tide, but first JOTS and I spent the earlier hours quietly muching on the beauty of a summer morning in the forrest.  The cathedral ceiling forrest kitchen serves us fully.  The old table toted hether and yond is now raised so we are no longer bent to use the hotplate.  Pete's sink works perfectly with a tiny drip from the reclaimed faucet, I am able to fill a bowl, kettle or sink with running water.  This morning, the warmth of the summer sun called me to the wonderful wee deck on the other side of the futon.  New gifts are out on the deck thanks to our island friends:  a set of colorful pottery in the hues of Tuscany invite us to sit.  A large square platter that will fill will pasta some summer evening, a tall vase at least a foot and a half tall waits for something to come, and a narrow trough of a dish long enough for a loaf of crunchy bread are the trio of raffle ticket rewards thanks to the Transition Whidbey potluck we were at earlier this week.  While we wait for the pasta, flowers and crunchy bread to fill the Tuscan crockery, we have gifts of the oracle doing the serving-up.  Our first set of runes (the stones not the cards) came to us yesterday.  Ralph Blum has passed sets of the rune stones on to our friend Eileen, and she in turn passed The Runes of Healing on to us.  If food is medicine for the physical body, the runes are the direction finders for the body, mind and soul.  We have runes facing up from the large square platter, and a bag of runes and the book The Runes of Healing stand-ins for that crunchy bread yet to come.

Soon after Pete came to give me a kiss and tell me he was off for Everett, I pulled myself from the futon and walked to the deck to munch on the day beginning with moments to call on the divine for inspiration.  I sat with the gifts on that deck and in the early hour of this day did pull four runes.  From memory, they were WISDOM, GUILT, DENIAL, SURRENDER.  Today is all.  It is what I own just for the moment.  No doubt there is the old guilt that weighs too heavy, and with the brightness of summer sun the secrets come un-covered.  Will all be well tomorrow, next month, this winter?  Wisdom says 'Surrender.'  What a menu for munching on the day.  Thank you.

How have the runes offered you a menu for the day?

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