Monday, October 27, 2008

From the Kitchenette

  • That's me working from the floor of our yurt-like kitchenette. After six months of life on the road, living and sleeping in our Subaru Forrester the basement apartment kitchenette has become like paradise. Pete and I have retro-fit the kitchenette in this one bedroom apartment doing what it takes to create a safe haven bedroom/everything room. The wall I'm facing is actually a flannel sheet that has been washed free and clear. It's tacked with push pins into the opening between the carpeted living room with a fireplace that is a 'NO-NO ZONE' for me. A second sheet of barrier foil -- a lifesaver for many folks who live with MCS, called DennyFoil, seals the mold, old smoke-smell and deteriorating wood siding.

    We have lived in the kitchenette since May of 2008, and began building the Vardo For Two in June. The vital ingredients for shifting out of a constant whirlpool of fear and flight, to a place of calm and healing have shown up here in the kitchenette in White Center. Those vital ingredients for us are:
  • a place to simply BE
  • a space with sealable windows and doors that keep the outside 'triggers' out
  • a place to sleep
  • electricity to run my Austin Healthmate Jr. air purifier
  • access to a hot shower, a toilet not used by thousands and a laundry that is has not been compromised with fragranced laundry soap and dryer sheets
  • space to plug in a hot plate for a cup of tea, a toaster oven for cinnamon toast and a crockpot
  • a sink to wash dishes

Life on the road has taught us to appreciate what is important. The vital ingredients from the kitchenette have become the foundation for our transforming life. I'm thinking this "From the Kitchenette" post might become a regular 'thing.'

What are your vital ingredients for a 'like paradise life'? What really matters?

Aloha, Mokihana


Akemi - Akashic Reader said...

Hi Mokihana,

Good to learn that you have found a place for yourself. I know you have a lot to share, not just your special knowledge but your beautiful compassion, and I congratulate on this blog.

Many blessings,

Akemi Gaines

VardoForTwo said...

To Akemi: I'm so glad to see your comment and appreciate the huge opening you and your Akashic Reader service have offered to me. This blog is one of those stepping stones to Peace. Mahalo, Mokihana

VardoForTwo and The Storyteller said...

Here's an email from Tom Riddle from Ontario. He's having trouble getting his comment on here ... so we're passing on what he has to say:

"What are your vital ingredients for a 'like paradise life'? What
really matters?"

I'm finally getting around to reading your blog from the beginning. I
just moved back inside to my toxic apartment after 2 1/2 months in a
tent in the bush so... My ideas of what really matters may be a tad
different than others.

Clean air to breathe. That's what matters. Pretty much all else is
secondary. The world continues to wander on it's way even though I
didn't do much on my "To Do" list, even though I didn't participate in
all my online forums, didn't get all my emails, didn't have clean
clothes, didn't have hot meals, didn't have heat in below zero
weather. The world is still here and so am I.

I *did* have clean air to rest in and sleep in and live in and that's
what's kept me alive. I *did* have warm clothes and a warm sleeping
bag and I *did* stay reasonably dry in a tent under some tarps.

Clean air, a dry and warm environment for my body and food for my
tummy. That's what's important.

If you want to add it into the comments for me, that'd be cool.

More reading to do then.


VardoForTwo and The Storyteller said...

Tom, We totally agree with what the priorities are: clear air, good food and all the rest is dessert. When it comes down to it human's need clean air. Period. Thanks for sharing the good thoughts. Take care, and be well in the apartment while you wait for the thaw.