Thursday, October 23, 2008

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities ... I don't know how to explain, so I'll tell you a story

Until you've been there, or have a loved one who lives with MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities) explanations are difficult and unfortunately few people really want to hear the details. This blog is a place to share our story. In many ways life with MCS can become a life as a fugitive ... trying to out-run the effects of a human society's choices to make and use chemicals that 'smell nice' but really mask the harmful reality of their nature.

VardoForTwo is a blog of hope, innovation and appreciation.

  • With information and a network of supportive practititoners and folks living with mcs we have found hope. Soon a special place for our LIFESAVERS AND SAFETY NETS will focus on these wonderful earth angels and sites of support. We welcome your comments, questions and experiences, and would love to see VardoForTwo become a solution for more and more hope.

  • This blog is an expression of innovation ... we are creating a place of comfort that is delightful to the senses, built to wander when necessary(or just because). We are in the process of building an MCS-Safe VARDO, a gypsy wagon for two. The Tiny Home option is filling a gap in the the picture we envision in today's world. IT's a fantastic example of practicing sustainable living. It requires real work to get from 'the American dream' to life in 100 square feet. The good news is there's a community of us who are doing the work, and finding the joy of it!

  • We'll be connected by extension cord to people who know the challenges we face and are open to learning and collaborating with us. The idea of living small is not to live isolated. MCS isolates us from many things, our goal in building our Vardo For Two is to build appreciation for life that willingness to make it work by finding a way through differences. Building Intension Communities is not a new concept, but it will be new for us as we move toward pulling in the extension cord.

  • The VardoForTwo is a tiny home 12 feet long x 8 feet wide, built on a solid NW built trailer to accomodate my special needs. It will be very gentle on the Earth at the same time. It's 'greener than green.' The times they are a chang'n and the way we live on Earth is chang'n too.

That's a picture of the dear Vardo For Two with her ribs sunning and the beginnings of her soon-to-be copper roof.

  • We will share the process we have lived as we discover, test and handle all the pieces, materials, paints, finishes and protocol required to build an MCS-safe Vardo. It's a journey that could not happen without a connection with All That Is ... the source of all life. In my culture of Hawaii we call that source of All That Is Ke Akua Mana Loa. With this source we co-create a better and better way.

    I live with multiple chemical sensitivities -- an illness that makes living near laundry dryer sheets, perfumes and household cleaning supplies, pesticide-use, wood smoke and traditional building/construction like being in a war zone. My dear husband does not suffer the same debilitating effects from these commonly used products, but he lives with me. Instead of trying to explain again and again, why we have moved fourteen times in fourteen years/why we lived in our faithful Subaru Forrester for six months I wrote a short story a sort of fantasy. It was my way of trying to get my arms around a life that just couldn't be mine. The story is called A Tale of Two Dears. Click on the link below to read the whole story.

Thanks for visiting. Mokihana Calizar and Pete Little


Leslie said...

Hi, Mokihana and Pete--

A cyber-friend of mine, Laura Polaco, directed me to your blog because I, too, have chemical sensitivity and am building a tiny house on wheels (actually, two), also in the Pacific Northwest!

My project is outlined on my website, I'd love to compare notes with you all--about materials and techniques, etc.

One of my little houses is almost done--though I'm having a heck of a time finding suitable insulation. I gather you are using the recycled denim stuff. I got a sample of that, but it was very...perfumey. I wonder if you've found a brand that works better? Like you, my first choice was wool, but I couldn't find any that didn't have latex added.)

The second, larger house is still in the framing stage, so there's time to incorporate new ideas (from other builders) and things learned from my own first attemtpt.

Anywho, I didn't see any way on the blog to email you directly, so I'm hoping you'll see this post and contact me. (Email and phone are on my website.)

Keep up the good work--your Vardo looks simply beautiful! (Isn't this art-with-your-house stuff fun?)


VardoForTwo said...

Aloha Leslie, What an exciting communication!! I will email Paola and thank her for the connection. It is the perfect time to be recreating the rules for home and housing. I took a very quick peek at your, you are doing it. We will be very interested in sharing the how and whats of for VARDOFORTWO. Keep in touch and I'll also email you so we can find out where in Washington you're building. More soon. Great to hear from you. I'll also post the brand we chose for denim insulation.

Thanks also for pointing out that our CONTACT information needs to be on the home page (It's on the "Profile View" now.)

And yes, it is fun to build an art-with-your-house.

A hui hou, Mokihana