Friday, October 31, 2008


Halloween! Trickers and Treaters come out tonight. It's still raining. When my son CKB was a boy I remember Halloween nights where raingear was the costume of choice. I'm in the kitchenette. Pete's out shopping for more stuff, or just out talking with the guys who make things he can't. JOTS the White Center kitty that's adopted us (or at least our chicken and salmon tidbits) is wondering "Where's the folks?" Hidden behind the curtains her tiny face can't see me.

There are down times when not working on the vardo is exactly what we need to do ... we both slid into a "Need for humor" and a need for a push on the "Refresh" key. While digging through the things we DO still tote around with us, Pete found these Halloweenee Toys that have made us laugh for years ... thanks Jude. Sometimes a rainy day is a good thing.

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