Monday, April 6, 2009

THE DREAM CAME TRUE: On the road and in the woods!

Pete, Doug and Lois in the ferry line for Bremerton
VARDOFORTWO hitched to the rental truck (a heavy duty 250 GMC diesel works) It cost us less than $150 dollars for two days rental plus gas to move us. We consider this a wise was to spend money, and for the time being owning another vehicle is not the choice we make.
Pete is way out in front, after backing out of a Dead End. There was no stopping him and that sense of authority to be in charge of your life ... it was affirmed in this pic of him.
Doug and Pellet ... old time friends, doing what they have done for decades. Playing!
Waiting for Pete to back into the spot in the woods.
That's me, this morning looking through my Dutch Door listening to the frogs, and looking out across the trees to the pond. Anchored and totally blissed out!

Yesterday, Sunday, April 5, 2009 will be remembered as a gem of a day for dreamers. It is all worth it ... the imagining, the work, the steps forward and the steps back. Without dreams there is only someone else taking responsibility for the dear lives we do have. Pete said last night, "When you post ... tell 'em it's GO FOR IT time, no more just talking about it." The man was in heaven behind the wheel of that heavy duty pick up truck heading for the ferry, and then onto the roads for the woods.

There were moments of hesitation ... once off the ferry from Seattle the Bremerton, Pete was having so much fun the back roads he was having TOO MUCH FUN SHOWING OFF, he wanted everyone to see it~ It was the DEAD END sign that tripped an old memory living in me from a life long past ... the genes of a construction worker father who taught me and my brother to drive D-8 Caterpillar tractors; and the young wife who helped back up a trailer towing boats. The vardo and the driver was at the end of the 'back road' route ... it was time to get that wheelie home on the highway. My body language and confidence with directions to Pete in the rental truck was the kick in the okole for both of us. Time to get MOVIN' now, ... imua (forward).

From there it was no stopping the builder of VARDOFORTWO.

We have positioned and anchored our wee home in the woods of the Olympic Mountain foothills. It is beautiful there, and our friends Doug Lois were part of our caravan to the woods. Great fun and laughs along the way, with a bit of understandable anxiety, too.

Pellet and Turtle and Jane Dog were there to welcome us to our new home and a great feast of salmon, potato salad and brownies were shared by all. Our first night and morning in VARDORFORTWO was bliss. The tiny space is lovable and the ceramic heater works like a champion. Of course, the first 65 degree day of spring helped as well.

Dreams are the makings of any tomorrow. Thank the gods, the spirits and the friends visible and invisible for all the love and direction that has given our dreams .... mahalo, mahalo.

Thanks everyone for your good wishes. A hui hou!


Susie said...

Congratulations, Mokihana and Pete! I'm so happy for you both. I wish you all the happiness in the world in your VARDOFORTWOINTHEWOODS. xoxo

R.C. Pohl said...

I love your vardo! The inside walls look like sheet copper....what are they??? How about more photos of the inside of your little home....makes me want to get out of Portland and hit the road.....

thistinyhouse said...


Mokihana Calizar said...

Susie and This Tiny House,

Mahalo for your good wishes and congratulations. It has been a voyage, and it continues. Mokihana and Pete

Hi R.C. Pohl,

The inside walls are stainless steel sheets. More photos are coming. Thanks for the visit.