Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Living on the Ledge: Power On

Life in the woods includes adjusting to the number of steps it takes to complete a task. From within the wee space of our vardo there are two electrical boxes, each box allows two plugs to draw power ... the power a 20 AMP electrical service in our friends' garage. In twenty-four hours during the three weeks on the Ledge those four plugs allow these things to draw power:
the ceramic heater, the AUSTIN Jr. air filter and ... then the choices begin ... is it dark? choice 1) the fairy lites or choice 2) the 40 watt bulb that lights the lamp. If the heater, filter and lamp/lites are going I turn the heater down low and can turn the laptop on to write. To heat the kettle for water or cook a meal outside heat and filtration are the only things going on inside.

Cooking with electricity outside in the woods while Washington continues being wet at any moment is a roll of the dice. We have levelled off the natural slope of the Ledge without totally upsetting the world that had been here before VARDOFORTWO. Our cooking table is no longer a calf-stretching yoga posture. Since we have yet to create the awning to keep us dry, last night's rains have dampened the cook top again, inspite of the tarp I so diligently pulled over the appliances. I'm writing from the Belfair library ... taking a break from the simple life on the Ledge, not yet ready to face the music of drying out the burner canting prayers to the cooking goddess ... "Be patient with us we are unseasoned ..."

JOTS our kitty pal has a ritual of hunt constantly on her agenda, along with long naps during the day on Pete's old grey wool sweater. Evidence of her successes appear in disgustingly apparent rolls of undigested cat food and vermin. While the pollens of the world rain supreme our trail therapy sessions are short and few, but we get in the cuddles and crawl on the shoulder needs regardless.

Pete is back in Seattle for a couple more days of helping Joel prepare The Kitchenette for new renters. The vardo is proving to be a home of warm, security and safety ... There is plenty to share from the Ledge and in time this journey will morph into a whole new season. Until next time, a hui hou, malama pono, take care and keep in touch.

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