Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sequential Access and Appreciation

We celebrated our first month of living from our wee wheelie home. A wonderful new tradition began shortly after we settled VardoForTwo on the perch of a place that I have dubbed The Ledge. "Shall we have a community dinner once a week?" Pete asked our friends Pellet and Turtle. Turtle was right on it! Sunday has become the evening we share food, engage in general merry-making and bring to the table the shared costs, concerns and events of the week. Our dream of creating an intentional community has begun its sequential access to becoming. While we shopped and tested the pieces and material for the building of VardoForTwo, the slow and organic process of building common values among four friends began. This was a purposeful journey that required teaching friends what and how Multiple Chemical Sensitivities shows up. What is 'fragrance'? Why is it dangerous? What are the alternatives? How do you make the changes to free and clear living? Turtle and Pellet stuck with us over the past nine months, and committed to clearing the common household cleaners, soaps, and personal care products from their home. I am writing from their kitchen right now, and appreciate every moment of a safe 'mother ship' ... a house to which we can connect.

"Sequential Access" is a phrase I ran across this weekend while searching blogs and websites with discuss about living small. A post on the blog CLUBORLOV perfectly described the style of living we are experiencing. Within a small space such as our vardo, things and as it happens ... processes are not available ALL AT ONCE. Our food is stored in a thrift shop Coleman cooler, a gift from Joel our old pal. Block ice chills our perishable food, and to get to something on the bottom, everything on top comes out first. Our clothes are stored in reused brown paper bags under the futon inside the vardo. I roll my clothes rather than fold them flat ... it keeps some of the wrinkles out. To get at my turtle neck, I need to do the sequential access thing, reassembling my tops to get at my choice for the moment.

VardoForTwo from the Ledge in the Woods is the next chapter in our reassembling life here on the planet. It helps to celebrate and renew our focus on what is working, and what things and people we appreciate. There are a heap of sequential process to keep us busy making our chosen life as modern Gypsies comfortable. So, as we experience those processes we will share them. I can tell it's been a while since sitting at the laptop with my thoughts and gleanings. We have some questions to answer from readers who have queried us about building VardoForTwo ... we will get to them soon.

Before closing, I resume the practice of posting 10 people and things I appreciate ...

1. I appreciate Pellet and Turtle, our old friends in the Woods.

2. I appreciate The Ledge, our new home in the Woods.

3. I appreciate the Woods.

4. I appreciate the warmth and safety of VardoForTwo.

5. I appreciate trail therapy.

6. I appreciate joyful moments.

7. I appreciate being able to pick up an old favorite book.

8. I appreciate a place to begin gardening.

9. I appreciate story.

10. I appreciate Pete.


mindfulcoaching said...

Mokihana, Thank you for sharing the adventure and updated new photo!

1. I appreciate you

2. I appreciate Pete...

and all the wisdom you both bring into this world.

Mokihana and Pete said...

Mindfulcoaching! Is that you our dear friend from Kailua? So nice to know we are still triangulating the original compass readings. We are in the city today, looking for the next pieces to the sequences of life ... our bellies are full and for a while time in the West Seattle Library lets me do some cyberneting.

All the best to you and C and Kailua! xxoo Mokihana and Pete