Tuesday, May 26, 2009

When the Ledge is the Edge

RESERVATION FOR TWO at the fragrance-free Convertible Stump Cafe
Two sweet old chairs ... gifts from Anna Paint are all dressed up for tea ... within inches of the skinned fir steps fronting VARDOFORTWO.

There's space for a little cheer here.

The perfume poisoning is passing. I am less weak, don't feel like I've been on a whiskey and beer binge and I feel my real self alive and present. I've never been 'to war' and yet any day can become a time of chemical warfare alert. Thank you, thank oasis of a vardo and the builder of that safe haven ... Pete.

The wind is back today, it's blustery and the tall ancient ones sway slow and long. The trees are beautiful and we love their conversations...appreciate their company and learn from their long-standing history in spite of the challenges.

Life on The Ledge expands with each new step we take. Miraculous as it is we are into our 8th week of life here on the down-hill (every step we make is down hill on the Ledge). A week or so ago Pete re-claimed the old skinned fir 2 x 4's that lay in a heap at the edge of the Ledge, and shaped them into steps. There is almost nothing I love more than to sit on the stoop ... the steps. With those skinned fir boards we stretch our livable space by nearly three feet ... sit and enjoy the sun as it beams through the ridge top pines and fir across the Pond. Evenings are quiet and then the frogs burst out their aria ... and the steps are our front row seats.

In the fresh air, the skinned fir boards do not cause me any reactions and allow me the enjoyment of tree company. I know some of my sisters and brothers who live with sensitivities would find this difficult or a no-go. I appreciate the edge that I have to live on The Ledge. What do I value? Steps. What do you value?

Mahalo trees, mahalo Pete.

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