Tuesday, May 26, 2009

CREATING A NICHE: The Mobile Bird Cage

We are growing ... here's an excerpt from our newest blog, a blog to drum up business, and we would like you to know about it!

Now we prepare for the next stretch of our journey: providing service and creating a business from our life experiences. Over the past months since we started blogging we have increased our visitors to about 30 visits per day. That means on an average we are visited over 10,000 times in a year. We get few comments so there's little way of knowing exactly why our visitors come or keep coming back. Given the increasing numbers of people who live with chemical injury and multiple chemical sensitivities we can only guess that a fair number of our visitors live with this illness.

We see the need to provide service and create a business based on our experiences as a resilient household of two who has learned (and continues to learn) what it takes AND how to build a mobile safe haven for a canary. We would like to involve you in the business development. How could we serve you? How could we serve someone you know?

We launch this blog to get your feedback and to plan our time for the next several months. We know we will need to create nooks and crannies, safe ports in more than one place on the Earth and make connection with people who know who we are are, resonate with what we are doing and/or could benefit from our experiences. So in collaboration with our other blog VARDOFORTWO we cast our net to find fellow creators of a gentle way of being on Earth, people who recognize they are The Sensitives and may need guidance and assistance ... building a mobile birdcage or perhaps you have a stationary home that needs 'gentle and chemically sensible remodeling' or maybe have a safe place for VARDOFORTWO during the winter. Any or all possibilities could be part of our niche.

Link to the full post at TheMobileBirdCage

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