Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother, mother

My son came to visit us on The Ledge. Over the water and through the woods he retains the award for being the first to visit us ... wherever we are! We sat and chat from the porch as he looked at the finished product of our years of making this vardo. "Your house should be in a magazine or something! It's awesome." To maintain my 'safe place' Christopher stayed outside and looked through the top of the front door. He and I sat on chairs overlooking the pond and he played his new guitar, sang music he had written. I listened and beamed in the glow that comes from mother pride. I get mini, concentrated doses of who my son has become. Whether its the way my brain and heart work sometimes with MCS ... needing to slowly process experiences to get it, or simply the fact that my only 'child' is becoming a fully wonderful being,
I am overwhelmed with it ... OVERWHELMED BY THE GRACE OF IT.

Our visit was a precious and wonderful gift. Weeks early for a Mother's Day present, I got that it was Mother, mother Day. The visit was short, a few hours packed with music, time with place, and catching up on the things that matter in our lives. I see the parts of my son his father and I nurtured as he grew. I see the parts of him that are hybrid by his own destiny and I listen to the lyrics he writes and sings and know how blessed we are to continue growing, learning and loving.

From within the big house across the driveway from The Ledge, the internet connection is strong and a post happens. Mother the Earth as if you know ceaselessly how dear she is to you.
Mother, mother we love you.

Happy Mother's Day,

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