Friday, May 29, 2009

Choose your company

Kupuna La`au Nui
... the eldest of all trees, a grand, grand, grand 325 year old fir living just across the creek from us on the ledge

A clump of vine maple makes a delightful swing for a fairy bower of columbine plucked from Anna Paint's gardens and stuck in a 25 cent St. Vincent DePaul treasure.

True heat ... up into the 70's has come to the woods. The wild flowers and creatures are blooming. Teeny tiny flowers are showing up every day, winged life of all shapes and colors are filling the sky.

Yesterday was a big city day ... an hour and a half drive from the ledge to Olympia for our once a month big shop at the Olympia Food Coop...a tremendous place to remember what a good company can be. We find our organics there, get a good deal for the long drive it takes to find the food we choose to eat and the people and ideas that fill the place make it a feel good thing.

We applied for a low income membership with the Coop (since we have no income right now) and there were no PROVE IT OR LOSE IT policies, just a check of a box that says this 10% on all purchases discount would need to be reassessed in a year. I carry a simple purple card that has my name on it and show it at check-out.
Trusting, kind, good product, good people, and shopper participation (you need to write down the codes for the produce and the bulk items).

Grand tree, fairy bower and a Food Cooperative that works.
There are my three choices of GOOD company.

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