Saturday, April 4, 2009


Pete and Tony. Angling the trailer for pull out.
Joel (our friend, owner of The Kitchenette) and Tony, our neighbor. Thanks so much guys. We couldn't have done this hitch up with out you.

We are hitched up to the rental truck. It took a village--three neighbors and Pete, and lots of inch by inch movement to get the vardo out and up to the road. We are tired, and so appreciative .... so thankful the dream has come true! It's an early morning ferry ride tomorrow and then in the woods we go. Hope the journey has been worth the visits ... Internet service will be different in the woods so we'll keep you posted as we can.

This life simply takes a village. We are off to be no mad momads.

This week I appreciate these people and things:

1. I appreciate Joel.

2. I appreciate Tony.

3. I appreciate Chris.

4. I appreciate Doug.

5. I appreciate Lois.

6. I appreciate Turtle.

7. I appreciate Pellet.

8. I appreciate the 12 steps.

9. I appreciate Bette.

10. I appreciate Pete.

Cheers! Mokihana and Pete


Liberty said...

this is wonderful! I love your curtains and door... and windchime!

Happy no-madness :-)

linda said...

Bon Voyage! I pray that this next part of your journey brings you deeper into well-being and lots of joyfull experiences.