Friday, April 10, 2009

VARDOFORTWO from the Ledge in the Woods

Welcome to our wee home perched on the Ledge in the Woods near the foothills of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state. Take this short curved stone-edged path to our front porch. The beautiful flowers were delivered by the Flower Fairy on our second morning on the Ledge ... a gift from Turtle.
A major motivation for building a mobile VARDOFORTWO grew from the ill effects of pesticides and chemicals on our bodies and our well-being. We are a PESTICIDE and CHEMICAL/FRAGRACE FREE ZONE.

VARDOFORTWO is a very simple, one room safe and cozy room-home.
The futon bed and punee (Hawaiian for 'day bed') fills the back half of the vardo.
In time, we may hinge the futon and push in up by half to give us more room ...
Storage of our clean clothes, and safe in-side things like the laptop in its case, my sewing machine and medical first-aid equipment is under the bed.
There are four wonderful windows that let in glorious light and exquisite oxygen filled fresh, clean air. The window above is the one at the head of the head. It's within easy reach to open or close. All the windows will be screened soon ... Pete's made all four screens and has set them out to off-gas and be cleaned by rain and sunshine.

A gentle table lamp that we have carried for thousands of miles, and many moves gives us our light ... tiny white fairy lights line the top of the wall with light too ... more than enough light run on very little electricity. YES ... VARDOFORTWO is connected by 12 guage electrical cord at the moment.

There are so many things to learn during this transition. We are now part of the woods. We cook, s*it and p** in a PEET (portable eco-efficient toilet), and store everything ELSE under the trailer or outside. More shall be relieved, as we show up for each new day and each new night.

A few more pictures are in the next post ... our tree family. Posts will be sporatic and responds to any email will definitely happen, but it may be a while in between as we make connections from the woods.

Many loving wishes to all our family, friends, followers and readers. Dreams are children waiting to be nurtured. Aloha, Mokihana and Pete

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