Thursday, April 23, 2009

Living on the Ledge:Parsing the messages

Living on the Ledge in the woods has us stretching our resiliency muscles. The weather bounces from one sunny day to a evening of hailstones. The wee home balances nicely on two fir stumps and with that restored balance I don't roll into the wall or off the edge of the futon. I find the rocking feeling is settling too ... I walk from the rock in the vardo and have my legs with no conscious adjustments. Pete and I are at the Timberline Regional Library, our internet cafe for now. The posts will continue to be sporadic till we link up with a server from Pellet and Turtle's computer in the 'big house.'

We're here researching composting toilets ... the need for something more than a back-packing eco potty has made the point with us. Even living small will need to include a toilet with more substance to it! Life without connections to things electronic or cyber is shifting us. I'm not sure exactly how to describe it ... my first visit back to my NAET practitioner in 3 weeks, and she said, "You certainly seem a lot more relaxed!" It's probably the serenade of the frogs that has done something to my everything ... There are many things to finish, and projects to make our ledge living more, hmmm what's the word "useable, convenient ..." Pete's just erected a giant mail box along side the porch for a shoe box keep our shoes dry...Our electric stove top has dried out and is working for us again after being drenched by rain when we were too pooped to do one more thing. The old favorite yellow Hawaii curtains had to be replaced earlier this week ... the polyester blend cotton started to give off the long-lasting formaldahyde treatment smell and I was waking up in a panic and nausea. So now our former green flannel sheet is now covering our windows. It's a gray green muted shade that induces great long sleep.

The messages from the woods are powerful. We are training ourselves to slow into the lessons here. No pictures for a while. You will have to imagine two old dears and a black kitty covered in tree pollen living on the ledge over-looking a high mountain pond ... cooking under a golf umbrella when it's hailing, snuggling under the silk comforter, listening to the froggies serenade them into sleep.

More when we're able. Aloha, Mokihana

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