Wednesday, June 3, 2009

'OLE Days on The Ledge

Fairies come
to those whose dreams seem to be falling down around them,
often embracing them with the love gone missing. A tiny house resting on the skinned and down stumps of trees once tall, I have made room for Fairies, left four, five and six leaf clovers, tiny bits of freshly baked organic (fairies don't eat things grown with pesticides)
barley bread and an origami game folded from my tea bag wrapper.

Sit by the side of the road,
surround your feet in clover and listen for the talisman in the wind. The real Anna Paint (inspiration for the character from my neWly completed ... just yesterday...fairy tale WOOD CRAFTING) did just that during the 'ole days. She sat and found four, five and six leaf clovers in a matter of minutes .... something she has been able to do because it is in her genes to do so. Her mommy taught her so!
I have placed chairs and old tables with clipped words and alphabets dangling from fine threads along our paths inviting friendly fragrance-free folk and fairy types to be with us.
Here is "Anna" sitting in Polly's Yellow Chair placed along the path, a honey bee wind chime dangling with the letters S I T keeps her company.

Our gardens grow.

Although the 'ole days and nights are not productive for planting, they are wonderful for tending all the delicious food that will feed us in the summer and fall. Broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini and at least a dozen volunteer squash plants from our compost-filled raised beds are having a great time. The triangle raised bed got transformed into a mini-way station for our tomato plant and a delightful out post for the robins.

The lupine that grows so beautifully between the beds turns out to carry blossoms with a heady-smelling incense like perfume that knocks me for a loop ... ironic? So, Pete trims the potent wild flowers and sends them off to others who can love their smells without ill.

We have an outhouse in the making.

There is enough room on the ledge for an outhouse. Using material left over from the building of the Big House on the land, purchasing metal studs, a wooden toilet seat and a few tiles from Habitat for Humanity for our floor we will have an outhouse on the ledge for our composting toilet. Still stepping as lightly as we can ... recognizing that even this disturbs some creatures who were here first (many apologies chipmunk and squirrel) Pete uses his large beautiful workman's hands to craft a place to sit, release and look out at the Pond.

Word Tree

One of the trails near The Ledge leads to the Lake. The Big House looks east toward the lake. While out on a walk a couple weeks ago a beautiful worn branch leaned on a fallen log. A beautiful branch perfect for a Word Tree.

One of the losses that has led to transformation has been my love of reading books and print on paper. In a way perhaps Destiny has led me to The Ledge to discover ... or remember, books require trees to give their lives. In the process of reassembling my loss into something different I have cut words off of boxes and wrappers we do buy and use and begun stringing them onto the beautiful worn branch from the trail. There's one of those beautiful words dangling off a fine thread.

Plenty happens during the cycle of 'ole when the moon cycle suggests nothing new be planted, nothing be taken from the seas and for us mortals a time of weeding, completion and rest a fine option. This cycle of 'ole was particularly filled with completions ... I got so filled with completions I took an extra day by accident. If the internet fairies free up enough speed for this dear laptop to do it we will have views and pictures to show you. Cross your fingers, say a prayer and let's see ... Thank you ALL. Mokihana

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