Tuesday, June 16, 2009

REMINDER: The reasons we built VARDOFORTWO


The past few days have been the kind of days that reinforce the reasons we built our oasis of a safe place VardoForTwo using the methods and materials we did. The beautiful wooded glen of a place that is the Ledge blossoms with things that cause me grief. Many of them I didn't recognize as 'issues' or forgot their inciting potential. We learn from the experience and I am reminded once again of the MANY reasons for a place like this:

  1. It is a restoring space where I can shut out the toxic (chemicals and manufactured ingestants) and toxin (the volatile world of things like pollens, grasses and the natural process of trees off-gassing) triggers that over-burden my dear self.
  2. I can sleep restfully for as long as I need, and make no excuses for my in-the-cave-for-nowness. (the process of healing takes time ... it will not be rushed ... I remember the Hawaiian word "hoomanawanui"--easy, take it slow and easy!
  3. My priorities distill (clean air, safe space, time to mindfully reassemble)
  4. My appreciation for my mate, husband and friend rises to the top. Thank you Pete. (There is no substitute for a partner who continues to support my changing level of wellness. I am blessed and experience "All you need is Love ... The Beattles were right!)
Sending wishes for a day that is gentle and loving to your dear self,

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Susie Collins said...

I'm so happy for you!