Friday, June 26, 2009


Pete kick'n tires and checking out the '66 Dodge flat bed with Steve the mechanic who was selling it.
Pete pretty much sold on the look of her, envisioning the possibilities

I have christened her "BERNADETTE"our workhorse, VardoForTwo mobilizer. Named after a very special guardian angel in my life our 1 ton '66 Dodge 300 flatbed truck is now parked next to Scout the Subaru. She is on the Ledge. I could not wait to post these photos, slipping in the good news before the 'ole moon starts tomorrow. She's a lot of truck with greater gas mileage than the new trucks, with a lot of towing power for VFT. There's work to be done to her ... isn't there always something. This is a simple engine truck that has parts Pete and I recognize from 'back in the day" ... this truck was born just a year after I graduated from high school. That says something about the steel-hull of a truck still working after all these years.

So, we celebrate a positive move in the right direction and welcome BERNADETTE!

Have a great weekend.

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