Thursday, July 2, 2009

Settling and Post #200

The quiet of morning is long here. The sun rises through the long-legged firs near The Big House at 5:30 in the a.m. From the inside of the Vardo the promise of a sunny morning shows itself in the very tips of the trees across the glen. A small pocket of golden watercolors the green of the Pond. Pete and I watch, still too comfortable under the covers to open the door. Slow ... that's what happens here on the Ledge. The rush to be heard settles, waits. In such huge country the increments of time are truly minute. I feel the moments and then watch my cat go from dust ball covered with fir droppings to stalker of the ground feeder birds. She offers the other extreme and that stirs us. Slow to lightning quick without transition.

Life from VardoforTwo is making the difference. Writing from my front porch steps the shadow of the Vardo gives me shade in the deepening sunshine. Summer is here, summer is hear. The cicada, the wind, the wind chime, a quiver of Fireweed not yet in bloom, and the birdsong, and beesongs, the tap of the keys on my laptop. The quiet of the Ledge is such accepting background to it all. Even the whirling thoughts in my mind rest and space is cleared for whatever shall unfold.

For the time being we are settling in to the life here on the Ledge. It comforts me after I shift from worry to the quiet of one Ledge moment. The old blue Coleman cooler stores our food with blocks of ice we buy in town. The single burner Toastmaster hotplate serves us sufficiently as tea kettle incitor and omelet maker. The thrift store toaster oven continues to toast and bake the foods we choose to eat ... barley bread studded with raisins, a turkey meat loaf stuffed with organic veggies, flax and sprouted wheat toast. The outhouse walls are up and serve us even while we wait to get our version of a luggable lu fabricated.

It's July 2nd, and in a day or two the fireworks our neighbors buy to celebrate America's birthday will pollute the air, ground,water and all the beings with poisons and noise. We prepare for a car trip (VardoForTwo will wait for another day) the old tent and newer air mattress airing in the hot sun just in case a camp spot is sweet and safe enough for a 4th of July. Anything is possible on those road trips ... we know the range of possibilities. At the moment peace prevails. No urgency worth expending energy. Settlers we are, my cat and me. The Ledge is making a difference.

Another thing that is making a difference is my recent discovery of the cd Sui created by Derval Dunford, a beautifully voiced woman of Ireland. I listened to a clip from that gem of a meditation tape just before posting, and look at what happened ... gentle morning makings. Thanks Liberty for linking me to the clip and also steering me to Planet Thrive's interview with Derval Dunford. The miracles are everywhere and to be where the miracles are ... that's an event worth celebratin'!

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