Saturday, July 18, 2009

Growin' organic, Blueberry Sauna, Workin' for food

Donned with my be anything Turtle Pareau, shades and visor I was in blue berry heaven. We left the Ledge for a day of workin' for food with Claude The Greenman. It was 85 degrees and more in the sun ... a perfect day for a blueberry field sauna.
Claude and Pete get to know each other, and start to pluck the juicy berries.
Talulah, the resident farm dog waits patiently for me to catch up. That's a bit of a view of the magnificent farm The Greenman stewards. Acres and acres of stream feed food in the Shelton Valley, Wa.
Back on the Ledge our squash blossoms and broccoli were awesomely embracing yesterday's summer sun. Ahh...they are beautiful our organic compost gardens grow last year's seeds and this year's (purchased) starts.
Barely visible and simply invisible if you don't slow down to notice, the miniature world of free tree frogs are delighting in their work for food ... teeny bugs and other things make these beautiful friends happy. And we are sooooo happy to have them in our gardens.

More of our dreams are coming true with this season's connection with 'aina(land, that which nurtures and feeds) and organic farmer Claude Mahmood. We have been long time investors in growing food and teaching others to use the food that comes sans herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Now that we have built our beautiful Kolea Nani (aka VardoForTwo), there is time to grow community and that's what we have begun to do by working for food.

When we lived from the car and on the road the dream waited, resting for another season.

Dreams wait

Dreams rest
Aware of fickle will
They sniff nature and come when an opening reveals...
Dreams wait after resting and grow.

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