Tuesday, July 28, 2009

'Ole Days of the Moon: Monday through Thursday

Clouds over Hawaii Island ... one of my favorite things
Photo Credit: CKB


The 'ole days of the moon began Monday and will continue through the week until Thursday moon rise. We've had connection goofiness here on the Ledge finally resolving them last night. So as is our practice we will be back at the blog Friday or some while there after.

New viewers may like linking to the sites on the sidebar leading you to more about the Hawaiian Moon Calendar.


... you might delight in this post from alchemist and joy-bringer India Flint relating to "Wabi Sabi" ... I did delight in it for sure.

...and, another link from India Flint to ZenHabits and letting things unfold

...still another bit of sourcery from Kathryn Cassidy about attracting magnetism

(post modified on Thursday)

...if it's a fairy tale you're craving perhaps snippets from the eco-tale Wood Crafting I've spun might satisfy you. Link to the installments thus far (3 of them in order and then one that lept ahead a bit).

Wela keia (it's hot here 94 degrees on the Ledge yesterday) and for you?

Be cool.

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