Thursday, June 11, 2009

ORGANIC Compost Gardens

We bought organic broccoli and cauliflower starts a month ago and set them in the compost. I water them daily, sometimes twice a day when it gets real hot ... using our dish-cleaning soap water alternating with just pure sweet well water (with no fluoride or chloride added). I talk with them on the way to the big house, cheer them on to 'grow happy' and LOOK AT THE VOLUNTEER company that showed up.

The bed is filled with organic potato plants and organic squash of all sorts (we don't know and can't wait to see who shows up in come harvest time.)
This bed has the one organic marigold flower we just brought home from Seattle. More potatoes and squash, and silly us we buy zucchini starts ... and now there're all kinds of squash cousins tay boot! A few sunflower seeds have sprouted too so we hope for a riot of compatibility and deliciousness.

We've been on the Ledge for nearly nine weeks ... nine weeks! The pic above are the raised beds Pete built from the scrap lumber (fir untreated 2X4's) left over from the building of our friends' home.

Beneath the black plastic bags split in two was the beautiful year old organic compost we collect and tended while we lived in Seattle. The wonderful worms truly did dig it ... Because look at those garden beds NOW (two top photos).

Growing our own organic food is a major bit of our dream come true. The time it takes once you have a raised bed or two:

5 minutes a day take food scraps to compost pile
5 minutes every week turn the compost
5 minutes every week wet down the compost pile if it hasn't rained
15 minutes a day water and chat with the veggies

I add lots more time in any given day every chance I get.
Living on the ledge has slowed time down for us.
The quiet, the sound of winds and the sight of tree skin makes time timeless.
Earth is good. We find our place with time and find there is space for us.

Thanks Akua, thanks dirt, thanks seeds, thanks bees, bugs and fairies.

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Susie Collins said...

Your raised beds look lovely. Our starts are just coming up, I put the stakes out for the tomato plants today in anticipation!