Friday, June 26, 2009

Walking Backward, Looking Forward ... 'ole days coming up, WorkHorse coming soon

Tomorrow the newest 'ole days on the Hawaiian Moon Calendar begin ... it's a four day and night 'ole cycle prior to the full moon. We use the 'ole cycles as times to fix, repair, restore, review and reconsider our decisions, thoughts, beliefs and relationships with All. Rather than start new projects, plant new crops or make new decisions these 'ole days are a weeding and fixing your nets-time. VardoForTwo continues to teach us what it takes to live simply. The wee space gives us a restoring oasis, and soon a new oak bench and door trim will be ready for milk-painting, then airing in the great Ledge mountain air before we move them inside. Everything takes a little or a lot more time to be complete. If at any point I thought 'immediate gratification' was a lesson to unlearn or learn differently, I'm learning the differently part often.

Summer is just starting out and yet with our lifestyle an eye toward the future, even while we walk backward is the sort of old dear-wisdom that we must employ to build resiliency ... and be prepared. It is very likely we Vardo folk will need a different encampment during the winter, so while we live one day at a time the future asks as to be keenly aware of needs. Living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities brings you do to Earth with the basic needs rising to the top of the 'list of priorities.' To be mobile, VardoForTwo will need to have 'horsepower.' We rented a truck to get us to the Ledge and yet when we look for another rental truck in this area the choices are few and the distance to any available truck great. So, we have found a great old 'work horse' to make us mobile. Soon the next step in making us portable will be in our lives and on the Ledge. Come visit after the 'ole days and Gods willing we'll have pictures of our WORKHORSE.

Here's a fun find from Beijing I bumped into this morning while surfing. I felt the need to 'walk backward' and this is what I found. Take care and have some laughter and gentle times. We'll be back on Wednesday, check out our newest links to 'Sourcery' on the sidebar. Come back and visit. A hui hou!

Walking Backward - China’s ancient Mountain and Sea scripture records the exploits of an itinerant immortal who could walk backward faster than the eye could see. Walking backward has been popular ever since. The movement exercises muscles that are not used in ordinary walking, especially in the back, waist, thighs, knees and lower legs. Some people believe walking backwards is akin to a karmic reverse, allowing you to correct mistakes and sins of the past. A version of the walking backward exercise is the walking-backward-while-rolling-magnetic-balls-around-your-hands movement. The magnetic balls electro-magnetically massage acupuncture points in the palms and give aging wrists good exercise.

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