Friday, November 20, 2009

Astrological Mid-wifery

Astrology has become a trusted mid-wife to the late births and labor pains of this old dear. Recently I have heard or seen this sign over and over again "Aging is not for wimps." Yowza! The challenges and births Pete and I have faced and experienced in our years together started when neither of us was young. Our partnership began later and here we are in Everett refueling ourselves, shoring up the four corners of our aging journey. It helps me to get a big picture on the now. I began using for free horoscopes/charts to complement the blog world astrology communities. The link below will get you there is you're interested in a free chart or a brief report. I appreciate the services.

Here's part of what I read this morning to give me a boost to the moodling I've been feeling. This Neptune Mars opposition coincides with the time period when we left O'ahu for Seattle to build VardoForTwo, and the now. It's been a nearly two year cycle of swimming against the currents. Landing in Everett is a bit of resting up. In the company of old friends again, like those who offered the Ledge to us for the summer, we pace ourselves for the next good flowing tide.
Neptune opposition Mars: Dubious opportunities End of March 2008 until mid January 2010

During this time, be careful not to get yourself involved, wittingly or unwittingly, in any kind of bogus enterprise. This influence can mean "deceitful actions," and it may involve you in such acts either as the victim or as the perpetrator of some swindle. To avoid becoming a victim, you should scrutinize with great care all seeming "opportunities" that come up now and stay away altogether from any speculative or high-risk ventures. With regard to the second danger, you should avoid perpetrating any kind of swindle, not only because it is unethical, but because you are not likely to succeed. Schemes do not usually work out as anticipated during this time. You should not plan to launch new activities during this period. Because your energy level is low, you can't put the necessary energy into a new project to make it work out as you want. This influence can produce a crisis of self-confidence, resulting either from personal defeats by others or from a totally unpredictable and irrational spell of depression. Consequently you will find it hard to continue with projects that require great exertion. It would be best to avoid starting any new projects at this time, and you should try to maneuver yourself into a position in which you don't have to do anything critical. But above all, don't take these feelings of defeat too seriously; you are just going through a period of low energy. There is no reason to contemplate giving up, because very soon you will be back to your old level of competence. The only permanent effect of this influence is that you may learn to have a more realistic understanding of your limitations and to be more conservative with your energies.


linda said...

I hope that one day you can write about what went wrong in more detail, so we can all learn what to watch out for.

Mokihana and Pete said...


Writing from the other side of the Neptune-Mars opposition may be very informative. So look at what shows up on the blog around mid-Feb.

What I do know NOW is that though this two plus years are astrologically a low energy time, the earth reality has demanded near constant decision-making to respond to a life of multiple chemical sensitivities.

Now, the thing I need to grant myself is permission to rest and recoup every chance I get; moments, an hour here, a little listen on a tiny radio, a dose of sunlight between storms; loving this old dear enough to say, "at the very least, this IS enough." That is a lesson that might work for all of us any time. What do ya think? I'm just trying to do it one day at a time.



linda said...

Sometimes there really is only one moment at a time.

Mokihana and Pete said...

Yes, Linda.