Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Back to Everett

We are in Everett, Washington ... old mill town and home to long time friends, friends who have housed us many times. The adjustments are happening; it was a twelve hour drive (through some beautiful central Oregon country), and now the fragrances and environmental realities of a city make their presence known. I'm recouping and looking forward to a lot less brain fog and weakness.

Bernadette and Pete made the trek without incident. The report from Pete includes lots of thumbs up from the passers-by as they marveled at the wee home. I followed with Scout and Jots (who was very vocal for most of the four hundred mile trip ... "Are we there yet!!") Driving in the nighttime hours was stressful and what a culture shock to go from country field to freeway. YIKES!

We are parked temporarily in the driveway, where once we parked the Scout two or was that three years ago. We have some work to do on VardoForTwo ... enclosing the porch for a kitchen and a closet. We've measured up the dimensions and have a small refrigerator to add to the mix of necessary comforts. Shoring up those cracks in our foundation it will take both of us a bit more time.

Thanks to all the well wishes and many, many thanks to our Tribe.


Joan Tucker said...

Glad you made it; especially before the snows come to the passes. Good luck with adjustments. JT

Allan said...

Re-triangulating your positions, and as Pete will not have to bike up "Cardiac Hill," fight off a pack of wild dogs, I am heading to the usual location to reach out across the water...Windy today.

Simply...I'm gonna call, and hope to get to talk.

All the best within the transitions,