Thursday, November 12, 2009

Attending to the path

It was a sunny Northwest day, and gratefully, the sense to use the clear skies and dry weather for our well-being showed up and we road the energy into town. We need to concentrate our energies and my resources on enclosing the porch of the vardo. The tiny space that is under-cover is the real space we can work with. Like all the construction for VardoForTwo, the process takes being aware and awake to the steps and materials. We have plenty of the white oak siding used throughout the wagon; and Pete will use it to enclose the porch for a two-pod space.

Our day was spent in the city, Seattle, hunting and successfully finding a very-well worn old porthole window for the min-kitchenette/JOTS apartment. Pete's got all the weathered fir for the flooring, we picked up the oak for studs and Habitat for Humanity had 12 tiles that will work well for a non-skid floor. With luck and resourcefulness there will be days for building the pods.

I am recovering from the gas poisioning ... nebulizing with Glutathione diluted with filtered water and opening up my lungs using the Lomi-lomi pressure point work I learned. I don't tolerate the steroid based inhalers for asthma. A lot of filtered water (drinking it) and the nebulizer loosens my lungs and allowed the exhalation. The vardo stays very toasty with the Radiant Electric Ceramic Heater and the Austin Air Jr. keeps the air as fresh as possible.

We attend to the parts of life we can do something about and then pray for help with implementation. There are no pictures from the vardo for the while ... so words will have to satisfy the visual needs. Wish us luck.


Anonymous said...

I've just gone for a visit at the Oko Box Blog and read an entry from Leslie about NATURE's power. The pictures/the story and especially a comment from "Panne" set my focus where it could do the most good. Nature will always do her work on the ego, struck a real chord. Not being a bliss ninny was another great bit of advice.


Here's the place for that inspiration:

Thanks Cajun Woods Woman

Anonymous said...

How does the glutathione work for you? One of my docs prescribed for general detox because I've had a lot of trouble with RAD lately, but not for any specific exposure. And of course, the insurance company isn't going to cover it, so I want to see if it's worth the cash.


Mokihana and Pete said...

Hi, Lou,
The glutathione works as a rebuilder ... that's a very unscientific descriptor but that in essence is what it does for me. I use the liquid because according to the research glutathione is not effective in a pill. I've used the compounded liquid for two years and find it to be the one protocol that helps for exposure in the nebulizer it heals the lungs/in a spray bottle it get to my sinuses and seems to lessen the brain fog.

I've paid completely out of pocket for all the glutathione and it is expensive. $140 for 150 ml; and here's the K.O. punch. I'm on a limited income and asked about buying only 30 ml (one bottle). That will cost me $49 ... "yes this drug costs less if you buy more."

I'm going for the whole prescription (which calls for refrigeration to maintain; I have used it long after the expiration date and am still here to tell) and figure gotta have it.

So Lou, it's one of the only things I use because it works. Cost, yeh, it costs.