Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Normal

JOTS is calmly stretched across my lap with her front paws pushed gently on the inside of my left elbow. She watches as I press the keys on L's keyboard. This is a big and important new normal for the kitty and me: she is inside a house (the basement) and that is a step from being wild and always on the outside looking in. Daisy one of the resident terriers is scratching at the door wanting in ... it's not to happen right now. Kitty in the basement means terriers stay upstairs. What a landmark ocassion for our feline pal, the warmth and inclusion of a settled time within walls!

I was talking with a trusted guide the other day, getting her the latest chapter in our life from the vardo. Somehow the notion of 'normal' came up and in the string of conversation her comment went something like this: "We have to let go of normal with this illness." Yes, if I compare our lives with others the possibility of being like them will fall short. The energy of expecting that normal to be mine just wastes precious joy in the reality of my life as it is. Ah, if I could post a picture of this moment it would save attempting to describe it.

JOTS has moved not an inch, a post grows and the activity of our friends engaged in their business happens. The warmth of her calm breathing and gentle energy soothes both of us. She's helping inspire my calm and that is a norm of great value. Cat energy, animal energy. We did tame her a year ago and are responsible for her for the ever. What a small price to pay, ha.


Joan Tucker said...

Ah cats are magic. The new directions seem challenging and good,
hope the occasional indoors is a break for you. Perhaps the winter will be a down time and you can look forward to blessed spring in a new place. Meanwhile you get to have new insight and write lots with jots.jt

Mokihana and Pete said...

Cat magic, yes. And the new directions she takes is 'in' and 'out' ... inspiring, ha! Thanks, JT

linda said...

One of the 1st things to go when MCS strikes is the old notion of normal, and any attempt to compare our lives to those of others is an activity best forgotten. We must create new normals, and compare our lives to our own best efforts.

linda said...

PS. Happy Birthday!

Mokihana and Pete said...

Morning, Linda,
Normal in relation to our own best efforts is truly the tape measure. I slip on old beliefs that hang around, lingering like errant smells. My life is mine and with a birthday to celebrate I'm a lucky old girl. Thanks for the b-day greeting, too.
xo Mokihana

Mokihana and Pete said...

Your comment went zipppp....hope I can retrieve it; it's such good stuff!
xxoo M

Anonymous said...


I lived in a gas-heated house for 1.5 years. My solution was to turn off the gas entirely, and use a hot-plate to cook (you're already there), and I got some baseboard electric heaters, portable, one of which I still have and you can have. Unless the hot water heater also is for the hot water, might this be an option?

I can SO relate to this. It is the story of my past 7 year house-hunt also. Hopes up high when something sounds so right, then dashed to pieces after it totally does not work. The only thing we can do is keep on keeping on.

Where did you find that house, on Craig's List? I keep meaning to look, but for some reason get so depressed when I do (wonder why!). I went to look at a cottage style condo on Bainbridge last week, very cheap, all original hardwood, all electric, renovated three years ago and not been lived in since, so zero fragrance issue. Can you spot the problem in that previous sentence? Yes, renovated three years ago was just way too smelly for me, especially since it had not been properly aired out or heated in that time. Sigh. Everything else about it was perfect, though. Great price, wonderful south side of the island with amazing fresh air, no woodsmoke in the area, etc. That's the thing that gets me, when ALL the dominos line up so well, and then one thing knocks them all down again.

Anyhow, hang in there and maybe I'll see you soon at a new year's party or ?

Love to you, Pete and Jots,

Anonymous said...


I retrieved your comment, but put it in the wrong place. It's okay...

Continuing ... to look, believe and hope are all part of keeping on. We love that you read the post, and can relate to the whole process. We didn't FIND the cottage, an old friend offered it to us for the winter. It was a sweet offer and the rest is part of history.

Okay, New Year's Party! Something to look forward to.

Love, Mokihana and Pete