Sunday, November 22, 2009

'OLE Days and Nights of the Moon: Sunday through Wednesday

'Ole Ku Kahi, 'Ole Ku Lua
'Ole Ku Kolu, 'Ole Pau

(Seventh to tenth nights)

This is an unproductive time, for `ole means 'nothing', 'without', 'unproductive'. The tides are dangerous and high. The sea is rough and fishing is poor. Some recommend that planting be minimal until `ole pau which ends this unproductive period.

Pete and I observe the cycles of Mahina the Moon, and practice taking time during the 'Ole nights and days to review, restore, repair our gear(which includes our evolving way of life and our own bodies-minds and spirits). Learning to live in harmony is a remembered skill, not something present day society does naturally. From the wheeled home we have built, these 'ole days give us a break, allow reflection on our choices. No new posts until Thursday.

More about the Hawaiian Moon Calendar = go to our sidebar and find two of our favorite Mahina links.

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