Sunday, February 28, 2010

Full Moon in Virgo: mutable views of the Sky from the Vardo

Last night I moved the pillows on the futon, and fell to sleep with my head on the north end of the bed with my eyes facing south.  There was no logic to the move, just a strong gut sense, telling me it might be a good time to switch things about.  Mutable nature is not plentiful in my chart ... that is, I have a fully loaded 'fixed' chart with Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, True Node, Sun, Mercury and Chiron all in the Fixed Signs

The sun in Pisces is joined with the moon in Virgo.  Any way you look at it "Service" is the calling for the day.  CJ Wright has a wagon load of wonderful astrology bloggers who have posted a view of this full moon, and Elsa puts it start out with her Eye on the Sky saying "They are both sides of the same coin."  Both Pisces and Virgo are Mutable signs and their combined energy must surely be shifting my fixed nature ... tweaking my death-grip on both the present and my past.  My dreams have long been a source of shifting that fixed nature that can too often turn me rigid from expectations.  Last night the subtle yet powerful turning of the view for sleep left me with a dreamer's classic recurring dream.  Now, those who understand what is happening here will appreciate how very, very close to the bone this telling is.  (breathing helps and then there is the Virgin and the Fishies swimming in two directions at once to serve my purpose...)  Here goes
For more than a couple decades I have had a recurring fantasy of a tumble in the rack/sack with a guy from work years ago.  Over and over he would show up in my dreams: at first he was there as a distraction and I enjoyed the entertainment; later he'd show up when I thought something was missing in my life (is that the same thing as a distraction?); then, I'd go for a year or more with nerry a visit from this guy..."Ahhh, I'm over him/that fantasy."  Only he'd show up again.  The settings were always different, and with time I would see him/meet him with his children/wife/now life.  With last night's shift in the pillows I went to sleep not expecting to have the recurring fantasy.  It came anyway.  This time, an odd and very different feeling rose from me as I recognized where I'd been for the night of dreaming.  This time, no sense of longing or loss, rather a clarity woke from that place of inbetween.  I recognized the fantasy as fantasy and felt the service that recurring theme has taught me all these years.  In last night's dream the details of my obsession laid itself plainly for me to see and accept...and move on.

Pisces is indeed the place in the human psyche where solutions of worlds beyond logic and reason serve the dreamer.  My mother was a Pisces of magnanimous proportions, and she did live her life of service in ways that continue to reveal.  She tried to share that access to the unexplanable to me as a young dreamer ... yet I was not satisfied.  I am the Scorpio daughter who would need more words, and more worlds to learn her lessons.

Tonight Hoku, the first of four full moons in the Hawaiian Moon Calendar.  I'm not sure that there are more than one full moons in the calendar of other peoples.  I suspect that those native earth tribes who live at similar center of the Planet positions might have counted as the Kanaka Maoli did.  My ancestors of the Hawaiian Islands lived with an exquisite vantage point for observation and integration of Papa (Earth) and Wakea(Sky), our cosmology is filled with that knowing.  A small insight into exquisite vantage point came from this bit from Earth and Sky

...To look full to us, the moon has to be opposite the sun. That moment when it’s most opposite the sun for the month marks the instant of full moon – and that instant has to come at different hours on the clock, all around the globe.For the Hawaiian Islands, for example, the moon reaches the crest of its full phase around sunrise this morning. At this same full moon instant, it’s high noon today in central South America, sunset in the Mediterrean and midnight in China. Still, no matter where you live, watch for the full-looking moon to shine from dusk till dawn...
Dreams and sky from the vardo mute the fixed positions in me.  How kind that feels to me, as I accept change and my evolving good.

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