Sunday, February 7, 2010


How happens when one canary, two canaries put up bamboo curtain rods to enclose and 'pretty-up' their VardoForTwo?  At first, the look and line of bamboo poles and old favorite curtains from Manoa are a dream.  For an afternoon the porch looked wonderful and the breeze moved the yellow curtains like tradewinds.  By the time we went to sleep the oh too familiar, debilitating feel of weakness throughout from head to toe and then a burning sensation signaled a high-level exposure.  Something was creating a chemical sensitivity episode that would not pass.  Why do these things happen just before sleep?

What was it?  The bamboo poles must have been sprayed with pesticides or herbicides a major toxic trigger.  By the light of my small strand of Christmas tree lights and a light drizzle Pete pulled down the four bamboo rods and took them away; I cut and covered the rod holes with Denny Foil.  The trigger eased, yet not early enough to be without ill-effect on my brain and nervous system.  A night later, a walk to the shore and I am better though weak.

It has been another challenging 'Ole Cycle.  The issue of whether a vardo built as a medical necessity will be reason enough to allow occupancy in a residential neighborhood is part of the challenge (when there's more to tell, we will).  A bit of awesome magic did happen: Ruby, our old Sony laptop returned from the dead for one day during the three-day 'Ole Cycle; just long enough for me to copy the story Tree Skin onto my backup cd (thank you!).  Pete has a bowl of freshly popped popcorn tempting me.  I hear someone chopping stuff for dinner upstairs, and the sound of the SuperBowl is a dim backdrop to a Sunday evening.  JOTS is back to being an outdoor and on the porch of the vardo kitty again (it's a rat related story for another time).

That's the short story for now.
A hui hou,

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linda said...

It can be a challenge to find beauty and function with MCS, but I am convinced it can be done.

I just wish it was easier... like who wants pesticides and toxic chemicals in everything anyway?

I am glad you are recovering and wish you a happy new year. May it be one that brings more peace and ease and fresh air to you
: )