Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Handshake days": Entreprenuers make good use of Moon Energy

Our regular readers know how Pete and I attend to the energy of Mahina (The Moon).  There are links to the Hawaiian Moon Calendar on our sidebar and more if you link to our other blog Makua O'o Pete's Cancer Sun is ruled by the Moon and My Capricorn Moon in the 12th House seeks the solace and feminine retreat there to sort through the jumble.  Kaulana Mahina (The Hawaiian Moon Calendar) gifted to us three years ago planeted the new seeds of awareness in these two old dears.  Through the visual and circular calendar we learned to recognize the times during a thirty day period (a month more or less) when review rather than forward and aggressive new activity was the order of the day and night:  we learned the value of the 'Ole Cycles.  Three years later, the 'Ole Cycles expand our awareness into specific focuses.  We have come to know the names of each moon and try to integrate the knowing into our choices.  Like gardeners, fisherfolk and beings in sync with the natural rhythm of sun, moon, planets and our own bodies-minds-souls we take up these tools and use them to rebuild. 

February begins with the Sun in Aquarius, the dispenser of life-giving water offers a shift from the hard-climbing sea-goat Capricorn.  Pete and I are at a new fork in our world; both of us have new jobs and the learning curve needs clarity and wise use of cosmic timing.  My new job is actually my very old job longing for resurrection:  be my own beloved friend.  Pete's new job:  build good work that opens the inflow of resources including money.  There's a line from one of our favorite movies that replays in my head.  It's the movie A GOOD YEAR with Albert Finney and Russell Crowe and young Freddie Highmore.  Albert Finney plays the role of an eccentric, loveable Brit-expatriate living on a marvelously grand vineyard in the South of France.  (except for the pesticides that are sprayed on the vineyards the setting is our ideal of 'Never-Never Land').  Young Freddie Highmore plays a young Russel Crowe-character who spends the summers of his youth on the vineyard-estate absorbing the values of a truly good life with his uncle (Finney).  Here is the dialogue:  In the dim light of candles in the cellar, Finney, cigar in hand and wine glass in the other asks his nephew, "Ask me ... 'What is the secret to comedy?'"  His nephew complies with a grin and asks, "What IS the secret to comedy?"  And exquisitely poised Finney answered before the question is completed..."TIMING.  The secret to comedy is TIMING."

Comedy.  Life.  All the world's a stage.  The secret to comedy and life is timing.  Oh yes, there are lots of details and circumstance and yet details and circumstance administered at the wrong time is money/energy down the drain if the timing is again' yah.  We are coming out of a long transit of dissolution and disillusion.  Neptune and Pluto have washed my old hopes and dreams completely away.  Pluto has a way of doing that, regardless of ones best 'effort' to the contrary.  Holding on to a sinking ship is the image that comes to mind.  "Too bad, bad things happen to good people."  Yup, it happens all the time and then what?  My chart includes a packed house of Scorpionic activity:  rebirths, face-to-face dealings with other people's assets and money, finding my place somewhere between fearing support from others and feeling secure with my internal value.  It's a very long, long story.  What is important here is the secret to comedy:  TIMING.  It's time to make use of what we do know now and that has to do with utilizing what is called 'HANDSHAKE DAYS" of the Lunar Cycle.

 Thanks to CJ Wright aka Auntie Moon, I have expanded my awareness and attentiveness to the treasure of the Moon in ways I could not have imagined.  I visit Auntie Moon regularly and am treated to something delicious, thought-provoking, funny every time.  Today I found this link http://www.zodiacarts.com/Calendar.shtml  which reinforces the value of timing as we prepare to set Pete up in a new business of chemical and fragrance free residential cleaning services. Our committment to living in the Mill Town, has shifted our spinning energy and exploring the job market, making appointments with the local WorkForce Development office to get the low-down on work available is a big part of the shift.  That Neptune and Pluto wipe-out of old hopes and dreams took nearly all we had with it.  We have survived our own hurricane and earth-quake and like it or not, new dreams are hard work. 

The link to Zodiacarts.com offers me a drink not a hurricane of water energy.  From CJ's link, I discover clues to good days for working on business deals.  Those "Handshake Days" are happening now, so the time for building a business is good.  I will network with folks in the MCS communities on Pete's behalf and ask for input about specific services (related to chemical and fragrance free cleaning ) that would aid them.  Pete would like to fill that niche of service and build on it to eventually open up the MCS Hand-man niche in our area.  TIMING and a Plan is what we're working at.  If you have ideas about specific chemical free cleaning services you'd like to see offered in your town ... let us know in the comments.

Is there a dream in your life whose time has come or gone?  Let us know about it in the comments?


cjwright said...

Hello Mokihana and Pete.

Zodiacarts' calendar is spectacular. Thanks for passing the word on. Aren't the "handshake days" a great feature of their calendar? I'm sending good thoughts for great success and happiness in your new venture.

And thank you always for your kind words.


Mokihana and Pete said...

CJ, Yes the Zodiacart "Handshake days" are a great heads-up and a nice add to the Moon Messages that help us Earthlings out!

I AM always tickled to find new stuff on your site; it's I who appreciate your work.