Friday, February 19, 2010

Homes, journeys, visits and long stays; Astrological navigation

The Astrological Houses and their Meanings

February is being a very full month for these two old dears.  The Year of the Tiger in Aquarius has brought us a wave of clearing energy, and with Mars the planet of action still busy backing up (that is moving in retrograde) in Leo until March 10th I have taken the suggestion to use that Mars energy while it visits.  Mars has been in Leo since December 20, 2009 so it's a bit of a long stay.  When I read Donna Cunningham and CJ Wright's collaboration, it resonated ... ringing bells loudly enough to tame the ever-present ring in my left ear.  Here's an example of how I use astrology to navigate.  For nearly two years Neptune the planet of illusion and dissillusion as well as the planet some astrologers point to as inciter of 'mystery illness' was squaring off with Mars in my astrological life.  That meant my natural ways of acting out, taking action, would be challenged.  In no small way, my world of acting and moving was dissolved during the past two years when MCS steadily watered down all my notions of stability and actions.  Pete has weathered the years of Neptune's by doing what he has learned to do most of his adult life:  he builds and nurtures.  He's a Crab with a very inquiring mind (Gemini), so he built our VardoForTwo and learned to ride the big waves with me, his Scorpio mate.  Now, Pete is building a nurturing venture for his own dear self. 

This post is not coming easily to the page, so much to explain and such insight to share.  I stop *** breath naturally and ask my aging eyes (which seem to be saying, "New glasses, we think.") to stay with me as I try to keep my focus.  Pete has just walked into the room and listened to my angst about this post.  "I don't see why you don't change the zoon level.  Magnify the screen."  "How do I do that?" I ask.  "Right there."  I click on the little plus sign in the lower right corner and oh, that makes a difference."  See what I mean.  Relationships!  And that is a perfect lead into what my Mars in retrograde work has been all about.  "Relationships."  Mars is in retrograde in my 7th and 8th houses. With the chart above and a copy of my Natal Chart showing the position of the planets, moon and sun (called the 'Transits') for this period of time, I zeroed in on the blessing of taking actions where it could do me the most good.  Sorta like having the most fun with a visitor, this visitor being Mars in my House of Relationships ... "Partnerships of all kind and Marriage." 

Here are the notes I made to myself during this Mars Retrograde with some of the actions I've taken to take advantage of my Leo charged Mars which is where Mars was in the sky when I landed here on the Green Planet.  Again, thanks to Donna Cunningham and CJ Wright for the excellent information and timing suggestions for astrological navigation.  Link here to that original post over on Auntie Moon.

  • Keep your promises
I made one back in September, 2004.  Pete and I signed papers and gathered friends and family for a wedding on the island of Hawai'i.  It was a promise to be together ("under the kapa" in traditional Hawaiian culture).  We have been tested in our relationship, and here we are. 
  • Solid relationships?:  why do or don't they work
Many of our relationships have dissolved or been amputed by the very different way of living that is our today.  That's part of the loss that comes from life with MCS.  During the months I have looked more clearly at the part I played in making relations better or worse.  In many cases, I have had to let go of relationships that do not support my values and my needs.  Our very long time friends who share their home and their lives with us today in The Mill Town, are solid relationships ... and they sustain while also, growing and changing to adjust to real time.
  • Find the romantic you that serves the beloved
This one's a bit more difficult.  My Capricorn Moon holds tight to my romantic me.  It fears.  Slowly though the stability of a growing sense of power allows serving the beloved.  I love that word "beloved."
  • Respect yourself and others
Astrology is helping with this.  Through the study and connection with wonderful teachers on the internet, blogs that share the grand and tiny navigational tools that make sense for me I craft new stories to tell myself, and others.  My confidence with my intuitive gifts and the vessel of storytelling is opening a universe of solutions.  I prepare these gifts for more sharing.
  • Look for the lopsided and bring balance to it
Astrology again is giving my Scorpionic-Pluto intensity a source of balance and hope.  Chiron, the asteroid that orbits between the Planets of Uranus and Saturn has become a source of light and awareness.  This cosmic beacon was in my 10th House along with the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio at the time I was born.  That "Wounded Healer" in my house of Career/long-term goals, how one is remembered offers me a vital clue to navigate my way.  Chiron along with the Nodes of the Moon give powerful insight for healing the wounds that cannot be healed by another, rather are wounds I must heal through insight and balancing. 
  • Listen to someone else's story without judgment
Living as we do in a tiny home sandwiched or nestled between two houses in an urban Mill Town, I am learning to be with people and their different story, in a different way.  Fourteen years of moving from corner, island, continent and ledge on The Green Planet gives me a parcel of perspective.  I know with growing certainty that I came to Earth with a purpose.  Given very large ears, I suspect my purpose has something to do with those ears. 
  • Choose your battles
This one's been a long-term challenge.  With age, and experience, both Pete and I are learning to choose more discriminatingly.  More to come I'm sure.
  • Learn to barter so everyone wins
  • See yourself through the eyes of others
  • Commit to something or someone
  • Set standards for yourslef as a role model and seek that in your partners 

Mars is in retrograde for a couple more weeks.  The 'Ole Cycle of the Moon will allow for review and restoration (the 'ole cycle following the Lunar New Year starts tomorrow for four days).  So, that Mars energy gets a little time on the bench to take a breath and enjoy the time of Pisces.  I hope this post gives you something to consider as you navigate the challenging times.  We are all in this together, so keep the light on for those who might need it at a dark time.

See you after 'Ole PauA hui hou, Mokihana


cjwright said...

Mokihana, you brought that post off the page an gave it life, actually put breath into it. You've made it all worthwhile, and I am very grateful that you shared your story with us. You've inspired me to get my nose back to the Leo grindstone, as well, for the work never really ends, does it? Not if we're lucky, anyway.

Bright Moon blessings, Mokihana.


Mokihana and Pete said...

Wow! If we can inspire one another in a ping pong game that really lights the journeys it does make the swimming worth it. Thank you for teaching me to keep my eyes open for the bread crumbs.